(Download) CBSE: Class XII Printed Textile Question Paper - 2019

Question Papers For Board Examinations 2019

Class – XII

Subject – Printed Textile

Subject : Printed Textile

Class : XII

Year : 2019

General Instructions :

(i) This question paper contains 20 questions.
(ii) Question paper is divided into two sections.


  • Multiple choice questions / Fill in the blanks/Direct questions :contains total 12 questions of 1 mark each. Answer any 10 questions.
  • Very short answer type questions : contains total 7 questions of 2 marks each. Answer any 5 questions.
  • Short answer type questions : contains total 7 questions of 3 marks each. Answer any 5 questions.


  • Long answer / Essay type questions : contains total 5 questions of 5 marks each. Answer any 3 questions.

(iii) Illustrate your answers wherever possible. 

Questions :

1. Fill in the blanks (any ten) :

(a) The background is mostly __________ in case of the direct style of printing.

(b) ____________ was first cultivated and woven in China.

(c) The two most common kinds of animal prints are __________ and ___________.

(d) ____________ technique provided exciting new possibilities for development of print design.

(e) Liberty designs take their name from _____________, an English textile company.

(f) Designers like ____________ and Laura Ashley use a lot of floral designs in their collections.

(g) A creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field is known as _____________. 

(h) The beauty of __________ prints lies in the fact that they have human figures or animals with a hint of story in it.

(i) _____________, is an artistic movement in Italy around 1910 that tried to express the energy and values of the machine age.

(j) Batik and tie and dye are examples of the ____________ style of printing.

(k) The history of printed textile design is dated as early as _____________ B.C. 

(l) Printed patchwork is also called a ______________. 

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