(Download) CBSE: Class XII Traditional Indian Textile Question Paper - 2019

Question Papers For Board Examinations 2019

Class – XII

Subject – Traditional Indian Textile

Subject : Traditional Indian Textile

Class : XII

Year : 2019

General Instructions :

(i) All sections are compulsory. 
(ii) Use diagrams wherever possible. 

Questions :


1. Explain the following terms in 1 – 2 sentence each. (Do any five)
(a) Sozni 
(b) Lipai
(c) Devang weavers
(d) Desizing 
(e) Baluchari saris 
(f) Chintz

2. Fill in the blanks. (Do any five)
(a) ___________ is a special weaving technique from Banaras in which a motif is woven with an additional colour, which stands out and resembles the enameling in jewellery. 
(b) Bagru and __________ in Rajasthan are known for their block printed textiles. 
(c) The double ikat weaving tradition of Gujarat is called ___________ . 
(d) ___________ are tie-dyed fabrics from Rajasthan with diagonal or  zigzag lines created by wrap-resist technique.
(e) In Pipli, the applique embroidery is practised by artisans called __________ .
(f) The craft of ____________ flourished under the patronage of the Mughal courts. 

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