CBSE Class-12 Compartment Exam 2020 : Question Paper-

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CBSE Class-12 Compartment Exam 2020 : Question Paper- Electrical Technology

Q1. I can’t __________ (hear/listen) you. Could you speak louder please ?  

Q2. What is motivation ?  

Q3. Name any two personality disorders.

Q4. What do you mean by the term ‘Recycle’ ?

Q5. What is micro research project ?  

Q6. Name any two softwares used for creating presentations.  

Answer any 3 questions out of the given 5 questions of 2 marks each.

Q7. What is a sentence ? Write its types.  

Q8. What do you understand by influence of personality ?  

Q9. Explain the role of green jobs in the field of greenhouse emissions.  

Q10. Which quality and capacity are included in Entrepreneurship ? Give any four.    

Q11. Name different components of an OpenOffice Impress window.  


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