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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Beauty And Hair

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Beauty And Hair

Class: XII
Beauty And Hair-(747)

Sample Question Paper 2019-20



(Q1) Fill in the blanks (attempt any ten) 1x10=10
(A) Lightener ________ base and _______ base are of two types.
(B) The ph of perming lotion to curl the hair is between ______to_____.
(C) _________foundation is used on mature skin.
(D) Melanin, produced by _______ gives us dark brown pigment.
(E) _________foundation is used for Bridal make-up.
(F) A female lice lay ______ eggs in a week.
(G) Two types of dandruff are _______ and _______.
(H) ___________ Foundation is used to hide wrinkles present on face.
(I) The falling of hairs from whole body is called as __________.
(J) Children who do not have pigment are called as _________.
(K) Louis Nard discovered _________ in the year 1818.
(L) ____________ is used on extremely curly hair

(Q2) Very short answer questions (attempt any five) 2x5=10
(A) What is secondary colour.
(B) Differentiate between shading and highlighting.
(C) Write various treatment of hair fall.
(D) Write the meaning of PH scale and what is PH of hair.
(E) Write down the types of chemical hair relaxers.
(F) Define metallic hair colour (mineral).
(G) Define Fantasy make-up.

(Q3) Short answer questions (attempt any five) 3x5=15
(A) Write down the types of Foundation? Why is the foundation important for facial make-up?
(B) What is the main objective of hair colouring? List safety precaution to follow during the hair colouring process?
(C) What is mature skin make-up?
(D) Write down the chemical analysis of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). What is the use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) ?
(E) Differentiate between Texturizing and Elevation?
(F) What are the types of Hair Bleach? What are the causes of Over Bleach?
(G) Differentiate between Hydrogen Bonds and Disulphide Bonds.


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