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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2019-20 : Bio-Technology

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2019-20 : Bio-Technology

Sample Question paper
Class- XII

Time allowed: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 70

General Instructions:

(i) The question paper comprises four Sections – A, B, C and D. Attempt all the Sections.
(ii) All questions are compulsory.
(iii) There is no overall choice. However, an internal choice has been provided in five questions of one mark, three questions of two marks, three questions of three marks and three questions of five marks. You have to attempt only one of the choices in such questions. Questions paper contains four sections A, B, C and D.
(iv) Question numbers 1 to 7 are very short answer questions carrying 1 mark each. Question numbers 8 to 12 are multiple choice questions carrying 1 mark each
(v) Question numbers 13 to 19 are short answer questions, carrying 2 marks each.
(vi) Question numbers 20 to 26 are also short answer questions, carrying 3 marks each.
(vii) Question numbers 27 to 30 are long answer questions, carrying 5 marks each.
(viii) Use of calculators is not permitted. However, you may use log tables, if necessary.


1 Name any two scientists involved in designing the first recombinant DNA molecule.
2 Write any two properties which can be improved through protein engineering 1
3 Transgenic plants have been developed to survive in saline habitat. Which technique might have been used to develop such plants?
4 Which vector was used in the first cloning experiment involving mammalian cell?
How does a modification enzyme protect its own DNA from digestion?
5 What was the strategy behind Human Genome Project? 1
6. An enriched medium containing salts, glucose, proteins and vitamins was made and a commercially available animal cell line was introduced. However, the cells began dying. What could be the reason behind it?



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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII