(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2018-19 :Business Studies

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Class – XII

(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2018-19 : Business Studies

Class – XII
Business Studies
Sample Question Paper 2018-19

MM: 80 Time
Allowed: 3hours
Section A Marks

1. “Successful organizations do not achieve their goals by chance but by following a deliberate process".  Identify the process highlighted here.

2. Distinguish between Delegation and Decentralization on the basis of freedom of action.    


2.    Distinguish between Authority and Responsibility on the basis of Origin.

3. Name the process of stimulating and inspiring people at work to accomplish desired objectives.


3. Name the „on-the-job‟ method of training that is used to give training to plumbers.

4. Define Marketing Management.


4. Define „Grading‟ as a function of marketing.

5. Mohit purchased a smart phone for ₹30,000 from a mobile phone seller on his verbal commitment  that the smart phone will be replaced in case of any defect, within a spanof six months. The phone  started creating technical issues in spite of propermaintenance and upkeep of the phone. The seller denied  taking any action on the complaint made by Mohit. Name the redressal agency under the Consumer protection Act where Mohit can file his complaint.

6. "The size of assets, the profitability and competitiveness are affected by one of the financial decisions". State the decision involved with reference to the given statement.

7. In an organization, employees always feel that they are under enormous unnecessarystress, as the manager does not provide any information about future plans but simply instructs them what to do. He also does not  listen to any of the suggestions given by the subordinates. Identify the type of leadership style followed by the manager in the above situation.

8. Mr. Mohan, Financial manager of ABC Ltd., has prepared the annual Statement of proposed expenditure to  be presented in the Annual General Meeting. Identify the type of plan formulated by the financial manager.

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