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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2020-21:Commercial Art

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2020-21 :Commercial Art

Commercial Art (Theory) – Code No. 052
                       Class XII
Sample Question Paper (2020-2021)

Time – 2hr                                                                                                                           M.M. 30


Answer the following question (1 X 6):
                                   Section - A
Symbolize the following color in our National Flag?
1.   Saffron
2.   White
3.   Green
4.   Navy Blue
5.   5. Mention the artist of the painting ‘ Haldi Grinders’
6.   6. Mention the sculpture made by the famous Artist D.P. Raj Choudhary

                                Section – B

Write answer in about 30 words (2 X3):
I.    Evaluate the compositions arrangement of any two Rajasthani Minature painting and Pahari Painting
1.   Radha (Bani Thani
2.   Krishna with Gopis
3.   Bharat meets Rama at Chitrakut
4.   Nand, Yadhoda & Krishna with Kinsmen going to Vrindavan

Section – C

Answer to be written for each question in 100 words (3 X 2):
1.   Write an essay on origin and  development of the Mughal Mmiature painting?
2.   Describe the main feature of Deccan school.
3.   Highlight the aesthetically aspects of famous painting ‘Kabir and Raidas or Krishna lifting Mount Goverdhan

Section – D

Answer to be written in 200 words (6 X 1):
Write short note on any of the followings.
1.   Chand Biwi Playing polo
2.   The Evolution of Indian National Flag
3.   Journey’s End
4.   Mother and Child

Section – E

Answer to be written in 200 words: (6 X 1)
Describe any of the Rajasthani Painting base on the mythological book.


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