(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 : Computer Science

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 : Computer Science

Sample Question Paper – Set II
Computer Science (083)
Class- XII (2015-16)

Time: 3hrs

M.M: 70

i. All Questions are Compulsory.
ii. Programming Language: Section A : C++
iii. Programming Language: Section B: Python
iv. Answer either Section A or B, and Section C is compulsory

Section : A (C++)

Q1 a. Define Macro with suitable example. 2
b. Which C++ header file (s) will be included to run /execute the following C++ code? 1
void main( )
{ int Last =26.5698742658;
cout<<setw(5)<<setprecision(9)<<Last; }
c. Rewrite the following program after removing any syntactical errors. Underline each
correction made. 2
void main( )
int A[10];
for( p = 0; p<=6; p++)
{ if(A[p]%2=0)
int S = S+A[p]; }
cout<<S; }
<--break--> d. Find the output of the following C++ program: 2
void repch(char s[])
for (int i=0;s[i]!='\0';i++)
if(((i%2)!=0) &&(s[i]!=s[i+1]))
else if (s[i]==s[i+1])
void main()
char str[]="SUCCESS";
cout<<”Original String”<<str
cout<<"Changed String"<<str;
e. Find the output of the following : 3
void switchover(int A[ ],int N, int split)
for(int K = 0; K<N; K++)
A[K] += K;
A[K]*= K;
void display(int A[ ] ,int N)
for(int K = 0; K<N; K++)
(K%2== 0) ?cout<<A[K]<<"%" : cout<<A[K]<<endl;
void main( )
{ int H[ ] = {30,40,50,20,10,5};
f. Observe the following C++ code and find out , which out of the given options i) to iv) are the
expected correct output.Also assign the maximum and minimum value that can be assigned to
the variable ‘Go’. 2
void main()
{ int X [4] ={100,75,10,125};
int Go = random(2)+2;
for (inti = Go; i< 4; i++)
i. 100$$75 ii. 75$$10$$125$$ iii. 75$$10$$ iv.10$$125$
Q2a. Differentiate between data abstraction and data hiding. 2
b. Answer the questions (i) and (ii) after going through the following class : 2
class Exam
int Rollno;
char Cname[25];
float Marks ;
public :
Exam( ) //Function 1
Rollno = 0 ;
Exam(int Rno, char candname) //Function 2
Rollno = Rno ;
~Exam( ) //Function 3
cout << “Result will be intimated shortly” << endl ;
void Display( ) //Function 4
cout << “Roll no :”<<Rollno;
cout<<”Name :” <<Cname;
cout <<” Marks:”<<Marks;
} ;
(i)Which OOP concept does Function 1 and Function 2 implement.Explain?
(ii)What is Function 3 called? When will it be invoked?
c. Define a class Candidate in C++ with the following specification : 4
Private Members :
A data members Rno(Registration Number) type long
A data member Cname of type string
A data members Agg_marks (Aggregate Marks) of type float
A data members Grade of type char
A member function setGrade () to find the grade as per the aggregate marks
obtained by the student. Equivalent aggregate marks range and the respective grade as shown
Aggregate Marks Grade
>=80 A
Less than 80 and >=65 B

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