(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2021-22: Computer Science

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2021-22 : Computer Science

Sample Question Paper (Term-1) 2021-22

Subject Name : Computer Science

Subject Code : 085

Time Allowed: 90

Minutes Maximum Marks: 35

1 Find the invalid identifier from the following

a. none

b. address

c. Name

d. pass

2 Consider a declaration L = (1, 'Python', '3.14'). Which of the following represents the data type of L?

a. list

b. tuple

c. dictionary

d. string

3 Given a Tuple tup1= (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90). What will be the output of print (tup1 [3:7:2])?

a. (40,50,60,70,80)

b. (40,50,60,70)

c. [40,60]

d. (40,60)

4 Which of the following option is not correct?

a. if we try to read a text file that does not exist, an error occurs.

b. if we try to read a text file that does not exist, the file gets created.

c. if we try to write on a text file that does not exist, no error occurs.

d. if we try to write on a text file that does not exist, the file gets Created.

5 Which of the following options can be used to read the first line of a text file Myfile.txt?

a. myfile = open('Myfile.txt'); myfile.read()

b. myfile = open('Myfile.txt','r'); myfile.read(n)

c. myfile = open('Myfile.txt'); myfile.readline()

d. myfile = open('Myfile.txt'); myfile.readlines()

6 Assume that the position of the file pointer is at the beginning of 3rd line in a text file. Which of the following option can be used to read all the remaining lines?

a. myfile.read()

b. myfile.read(n)

c. myfile.readline()

d. myfile.readlines()

7 A text file student.txt is stored in the storage device. Identify the correct option out of the following options to open the file in read mode.

i. myfile = open('student.txt','rb')

ii. myfile = open('student.txt','w')

iii. myfile = open('student.txt','r')

iv. myfile = open('student.txt')

a. only i

b. both i and iv

c. both iii and iv

d. both i and iii

8 The return type of the input() function is

a. string

b. integer

c. list

d. tuple

9 Which of the following operator cannot be used with string data type?

a. +

b. in

c. *

d. /

10 Consider a tuple tup1 = (10, 15, 25, and 30). Identify the statement that will result in an error.

a. print(tup1[2])

b. tup1[2] = 20

c. print(min(tup1))

d. print(len(tup1))

11 Which of the following statement is incorrect in the context of binary files?

a. Information is stored in the same format in which the information is held in memory.

b. No character translation takes place

c. Every line ends with a new line character

d. pickle module is used for reading and writing

12 What is the significance of the tell() method?

a. tells the path of file

b. tells the current position of the file pointer within the file

c. tells the end position within the file

d. checks the existence of a file at the desired location

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