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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2020-21:Dance (Kathakali)

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2020-21 :Dance (Kathakali)


           CLASS XII (2020-21)

Tme : 2 Hours                                                                                                Marks : 30

Objective type MCQ:


Questions 1 to 9 carry 1 mark each. Answer any 8.

1.   Mention the rasa used to depict Valour

a) Bhayanakam

b)   Bheebalsam

c)   Veeram

d)   Hasyam

2.   Mention the rasa used to depict love or romance

a)   Hasyam

b)   Shantam

c)   Sringaram

d)   Karunam

3.   How many types of Abhinayas are there in Kathakali?

a) 6

b)   3

c)   8

d)   4

4.   Name the synchronized movements of the body, hands and eyes in Kathakali.

a)   Kalusadhakam

b)   Chuzhippu

c)   Kannusadhakam

d)   Cholliyattam

5.   Which percussion is played by the main vocalist the “Ponnani”.

a)   Elathalam

b)   Harmonium

c)   Chengila

d)   Maddalam

6.   Which are the percussions used for Keli?

a)   Maddalam, Chengila, Edakka and Elathalam

b)   Madalam, Chenda ,Chengila and Elathalam

c)   Chenda, Chengila, Edakka and Elathalam

d)   Elathalam, Edakka, Chengila and Harmonium

7.   Kathakali concludes with the prayer dance                   .

a)   Thodayam

b)   Keli

c)   Dhanasi

d)   Melappadam

8.   Narrative text which serve various puposes such as connecting two different scenes or describing the actions of a character are know as                       .

a)   Kalasham

b)   Dandakams

c)   Chuzhippu

d)   Ilakiyattam

9.   How many types of chuzhippu are there?

a)    5

b)    6

c)    8

d)    7

Questions 10 to 13 carry 2 marks each. Answer any 2.
10. Match the following:

a) Keechakavadham                                  Vayaskara Aryan

b) Duryodhanavadham                              Moos UnnayiWarrier

c) Kalyanasaugandhikam                          KottayathThampuran

d) Nalacharitham                                       IratimmanThambi

11. Match the following:

a)   Shringaram                                                     Juguptsa

b)   Bheebalsam                                                   Shokam

c)   Karunam                                                         Haasam

d)   Hasyam                                                           Rathi

12. Which hand gesture is used to depict a beautiful lady

a)   Mukuram in the left hand and katakam in the right hand

b)   Mushti in the left hand and Mukuram in the Right hand

c)    Mukuram in the right hand and Katakam in the left hand

d)   Mukuram in the left hand and mushti in the right hand

13. Which are the hand gestures used to depict Sun


a)   Pathaka in both hands

b)   Hamsapaksham in both hands

c)   Pathaka in right hand and hamsapaksham in left hand

d)   Anjali in both hands

Question 14 carry 3 marks.

14. “Thodayam is the ritualistic performance in Kathakali”
i)          Who is the composer of the text for Thodayam?
a)   Kottayam Thamburan
b)   KottarakkaraThamburan

c)   Mukunda Raja
d)   Vallathol Narayana menon
ii)          Which is the thaalam not used in Thodayam:
a)   Adantha

b)   Tripuda

c)   Chamba


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