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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Design & Innovation

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Design & Innovation

Class: XII
Design & Innovation-(772)
Sample Question Paper 2019-20


1. Define the following Terms. (Do any 10 questions)
(i) 2 Dimensional
(ii) Color Theory
(iii) Asymmetrical Balance
(iv) 3 Dimensional
(v) Emphasis
(vi) Color and Value
(vii) Repetition
(viii) Movement
(ix) Unity
(x) A tool that helps designers choosing color harmony is_________________.
(xi) A plane is ____________________
(xii) A cube is a set of ______________________.

Very short Answer (Do any five)
2. Define the terms “Design” and “Innovation” 
3. What are the tools used in designing? 
4. Which technique used for development of digital image? 
5. Explain the fundamental of 3D design? 
6. What is design Maquette construction and it use in design. 
7. What are Primary, Secondary and Territory Colours? Define them. 
8. Explain the difference between Flash and Corel software. 
Write short answer (Do any five)
9. Explain Design process to develop 3D forms 
10. What is Spatial Design and techniques for the same 
11. Differentiate between symmetric & asymmetric form 
12. Write a short note on the following:- 
(a) Photoshop
(b) AutoCAD
13. Explain why a package design is required for a product and its effect on the consumer? 
14. Explain the Design Process? 3
15 . What is the use of design in today's scenario? 

Write Long Answer (Do any five)
16. Design a poster in a 4"×6" on the any of the following topic:   
(a). World design day
(b). Child Labour
17. What is Colour harmony and why it is essential for a good design?  
18. Create any of the following theme by applying colour on a grid of 4 x 4 inch  
I. Spring
II. Winer
III. Summer
IV. Vegetable & Fruit Market
19. Differenciate between 2 diamentional & 3 diamentional forms and draw an  image of a Alarm Clock or a Mobile Phone in a 2d and 3d form.  
20. Explain the methods of developing 3-D designs  
21. Explain the basic elements and principles of design  
22. Define shop Refit and the importance of it in designing

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