(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2021-22: Engineering Graphic

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2021-22 : Engineering Graphic

Sample Question Paper (Term-1) 2021-22

Subject Name : Engineering Graphic

Time Allowed: 90

Minutes Maximum Marks: 40

1) Which is the included angle of a regular hexagon?

a) 300
b) 600
c) 900
d) 1200

2) Name the projection with multiple views.

a) Perspective projection
b) Isometric projection
c) Orthographic projection
d) Oblique projection

3) Name the solid with apex.

a) Cone
b) Square prism
c) Triangular Prism
d) Sphere

4) Name the type of line which is used for dimensioning.

a) Small dash line
b) Chain line
c) Wavy line
d) Thin continuous line

5) Which is the correct sequence in case of first angle method of projection?

a) Observer, Plane of projection, Object
b) Observer, Object, Plane of projection
c) Object, Plane of projection, Observer
d) Object, Observer, Plane of projection

6) What is the thread angle of a metric thread?

a) 400
b) 600
c) 800
d) 1000

7) The angle between the flanks of a BSW thread profile is?

a) 600
b) 900
c) 550
d) 450

8) Usually the section lines are inclined with horizontal line at.

a) 450
b) 350
c) 250
d) 150

9) Which one of these is a temporary fastening?

a) Welding
b) Nut-Bolt
c) Riveting
d) Pasting

10) Which among these is used for power transmission?

a) Square thread
b) BSW thread
c) Metric thread internal
d) Metric thread external


11) _____________is the projection used in engineering practices.

a) Isometric projection
b) Oblique projection
c) Perspective projection
d) Inclined projection

12) _____________projection gives the true size of the object.

a) Isometric
b) orthographic
c) Oblique
d) Perspective

13) The isometric length of 70 mm is ____________.

a) Equal to true 70 mm
b) Less than true 70 mm
c) More than true 70 mm
d) Equal to true 100 mm.

14) The angle between the main scale and isometric scale is ____________.

a) 150
b) 300
c) 450
d) 900

15) The shape of circle in isometric projection is ______________.

a) Cycloid
b) Circle
c) Parabola
d) Ellipse

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