(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 :  . Engineering graphics

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 :  . Engineering graphics



Time Allowed: 3 hours    Maximum Marks: 70

a)  Attempt all the questions.
b)  Use both sides of the drawing sheet, if necessary. c)  All dimensions are in millimetres.
d)  Missing and mismatching dimensions, if any, may be suitably assumed.
e)  Follow the SP: 46, 2003 revised codes. (with First angle method of projection)
f)    In no view of question 1, are hidden edges or lines required.
g)  In question 4, hidden edges or lines are to be shown in views without section. h)  Number your answers according to questions.

Q1    Answer the following Multiple Choice Questions.  Print the correct choice on your drawing sheet.    (1 X 5= 5)
(i)    What is the thread angle in degrees of a Metric thread?

(a) 30°
(b) 45°
(c) 60°

(d) 90°
(ii)    A circle drawn in isometric projection appears as? (a) Circle
(b) Round
(c) Ellipse
(d) Spherical
(iii)    Section lines are generally inclined with the base, at an angle of?

(a) 00
(b) 450

(c) 500

(d) 900

(iv)    Which machine part is called as “HEADLESS BOLT”?

(a) Nut
(b) Screw
 (c) Rivet
(d) Stud

(v)    M in dimension „Stud of M20‟, stands for

(a) Metric Thread Profile

(b) Square Thread Profile

(c)  Knuckle Thread Profile

(d) B.S.W. Thread Profile

Q2    (a) Construct an isometric scale.    4

(b) Draw the isometric projection of an inverted frustum of triangular pyramid (base triangular edge = 30mm, top triangular edge = 50mm, height=80mm) with one base edge perpendicular to  V.P.  and  its  axis  perpendicular to  the H.P.  Give all  the dimensions and indicate the direction of viewing.    7

(c) An upright cone (diameter = 50mm and height = 70mm) is placed centrally on the top rectangular face of a pentagonal prism (base side = 50mm and axis = 80mm). The pentagonal prism is resting on one of its face edges on H.P. with axis parallel to V.P. and H.P. both. Draw the isometric  projection of this combination of solids. Give the dimensions and indicate the direction of viewing.    13

Q3    (a) Draw to scale 1:1, the front view and top view of a Square Nut (across corner) with diameter 30mm. Give standard dimensions.    8


Draw to scale 1:1, the full sectional front view of a Single Riveted Lap Joint for 16mm thick plates. Give standard dimensions.

(b) Sketch free hand the front view, top view and side view of a Feather Key with Gib head at both ends for a shaft of 50mm diameter. Give standard dimensions.   5


Sketch free hand the front view and top view of a 900  Flat Counter Sunk head screw of size M20, keeping its axis vertical. Give standard dimensions.

Q4  Assemble the given parts correctly of a Protected Flange Coupling as given in Fig -1 and draw to scale 1:1, the following orthographic views:

(a) Front View, lower half in section.    14
(b) Side view looking from the left end.    8
(c) Give 6 important dimensions, Title, Projection symbol and Scale.    6


Dis-assemble the parts of given Sleeve and Cotter Joint as shown in Fig 2, and draw orthographic views of the following parts by keeping position same, to scale 1:1:

(a) SLEEVE    15

(i) Front View, upper half in section.

(ii) Left Hand Side View.

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