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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2020-21:Engineering Graphics

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2020-21 :Engineering Graphics

Sample Question Paper 2020-21
               Class: XII


Time allowed: 3 Hours                                                                               Max. Marks: 70

General Instructions:

(i)  Attempt all the questions.
(ii) Use both sides of the drawing sheet, if necessary. (iii)  All dimensions are in millimeters.
(iv) Missing and mismatching dimensions, if any, may be suitably assumed.
(v) Follow the SP:46-2003 revised codes (with first angle method of projection). (vi) In no view of question2, are hidden edges or lines required.
(vii) In question 4, hidden edges or lines are to be shown in views without section. (viii) Give your answers according to questions.


Answer the following Multiple Choice questions. Print the correct choice on your drawing sheet.


1 (i)

Name the projection system used by artists and architects to show “one plane” drawings.

(a) Oblique projection           

(b) Perspective projection.

(c) Isometric projection         

(d) Orthographic projection



Name the thread profile used on the neck of glass bottles etc.

(a) Metric thread

(b) BSW thread

(c) Knuckle thread

(d) Square thread



The value of diameter of the collar in collar stud in terms of diameter ‘d’ is:

(a) 1.5d

(b) 1.5d+3

  (c)  2d



(d)  2d+6



Name the material of the bush in the bush-bearing.

(a) Cast iron

(b) Mild steel

(c) High carbon steel

(d) Gun metal



Cotter joint is used to connect two                 .

(a) Square rods

(b) Elliptical rods

(c) Round rods

(d) Hollow rods


2 (i)

Construct an isometric scale.



Draw the isometric projection of a pentagonal prism (base edge 25 mm, axial length 55mm) resting on its face with its axis parallel to H.P. and V.P. both. Indicate the direction of viewing. Give all the dimensions.



Draw an Isometric Projection of a hemisphere (diameter 60

mm) placed centrally on the top horizontal rectangular face of an equilateral triangular prism (base edge = 50 mm, height = 70 mm) keeping both triangular ends parallel to V.P. Show the axis of both solids. Give all the dimensions and indicate the direction of viewing.


3 (i)

Draw  to  scale  1:1,  the  standard  profile  of  the  Square

thread (External) taking pitch 60mm. Give standard dimensions.


Draw to scale 1:1, the Front View and Side View of a Hexagonal  headed bolt  with diameter  30mm. Keep  its axis   parallel   to   both   V.P   and   H.P.   Give   standard dimensions.



Sketch free hand the front View and top View of a 60° Counter Sunk Head Rivet of diameter 20 mm. Keep its axis vertical. Give standard dimensions.


Sketch free hand the front view and side view of a Square- neck Stud of size M20, keeping its axis horizontal. Give


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