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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Engineering Science

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Engineering Science

  • Class: XII
  • Engineering Science-622
  • Sample Question Paper 2019-20

(Group A)

Q1 Which one among the following represents a permanent fastener?
a) Nut
b) Rivet
c) Screw
d) Bolt

Q2 The number of cotters used in an assembly of sleeve and cotter joint are
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

Q3 Which is the modified form  of square thread?
a) V-thread
b) Metric thread
c) Knuckle thread
d) B.S.W thread

Q4 What is the width of the Rectangular Sunk Key, if the diameter of the shaft is D?
a) D/2
b) D/8
c) D/4
d) D/6

Q5 True shape can be obtained on a plane _________________ to the section plane

Q6 The projection of a cut portion of the solid on HP is called sectional.
a) Top View
b) Front View
c) Left side view
d) Right side view

Q7 A vertical cone is cut by a horizontal section plane, the resulting cut solid is
a) cone
b) cylinder
c) frustum
d) hemisphere

Q8 A coupling is a mechanical device that temporarily joins two rotating shafts
a) True
b) False

Q9 Where is friction coupling used

Q10 In drawing the development of objects, true lengths are used.
a) True
b) False

Q11 Name the methods of development of right solids.

Q12 To develop the surfaces of pyramids, it is necessary to find _________ of the slant edges when they are not parallel to reference plane.

(Group B)

Q13 What is sectioning? Give two examples where sectioning is used

Q14 Draw the development of the cube of side 50mm

Q15 Develop the surface of a cone of base diameter 50 mm and 60 mm axis.

Q16 What are permanent fasteners and where are they used

Q17 Draw the free hand sketch of Any key

Q18 What do you understand by coupling and what are the various types of flanged couplings?

Q19 What is cotter?

(Group C)

Q20 A sphere of 40 mm diameter is cut by a vertical section plane ,which passes through it at a distance of 10 mm from its centre .Draw the sectional front view and top view

Q21 A cone, base 50 mm diameter and axis 60 mm long has its axis parallel to VP and inclined at 45° to HP. It is cut by a horizontal section plane passing through the mid-point of the axis. Draw Front View, sectional Top View and true shape of the section.

Q22 Draw the development of the hexagonal pyramid of base 30 mm ,and height60mm is resting on its base on the ground with two of its base edges parallel to V.P.

Q23 Define the terms “ External thread” and ”internal thread” with the help of diagram.

Q24 What do you understand by the self locking of the cotter? Show with neat sketch.

Q25 Where do we use coupling .Draw a free hand sketch of box muff coupling.

Q26 Draw a free hand sketch of flanged coupling.

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