(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 :  Graphic Design

(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 :  Graphic Design



CLASS XII (2015-16)


General Instructions
1. The question paper is divided into two sections A and B.
2. Section A is theory part based on the textbook and is of 40 marks.
3. Section B is Application Based. This is of 30 marks.
4. Students will have to attempt 20 questions in all. Some questions have internal choice.

Note: Students need to carry pencil colours for application based answers.

Section  A


Q.N.    Answer the following questions in three to five sentences each.    (1x5=5)
1  What is Semiotic?

2  Define message in your own words.

3  What does ‘K’ stands for in ‘CMYK’?

4  Which aspect of ‘Functions of design’ is represented in ‘Form’?

5  Define the role of Print Media.


What is the use of Layers?

   Answer the following questions in 80-100 words each.    (3x4=12)

6   For the elimination or selection of ideas, which criteria should be applied? And why?

7  Why drawing from observation is important? Also suggest a way to improvise drawing skill.

 What are the different types of layout?

 ‘Electronic Media is very important for today’s generation’. Elaborate the statement by explaining two electronic mediums.


‘Website is considered as an essential tool for a company’. Explain the statement and list
two types of website. 
Answer the following questions in 100-120 words each.    (5x3=15)
10  What is complimentary color scheme? Quote some examples of such colors.

11  For a campaign on ‘Cleanliness’ which media you feel is most appropriate and why?

12  For marketing a newly launched company, write the role of public relations.


While designing an e-learning website what key points will you keep in mind and why? Explain.

    Answer the following question in 150 - 200 words each.    (8x1=8) 

13    Define the term Design Process? Give a broad outline of the design process a designer
       has to follow explaining each stage.


In your opinion what would happen if the design is functional but not aesthetic? Justify your answer.

Section B

    Answer the following questions.    (3x4=12) 

14    Within a triangle create a design by taking any floral pattern of your choice using your


Write a slogan of two or three words of your choice, on ‘Importance of Education’, using
any two colours.

Take any three numbers arrange them within a square of 6”x6” to form a design, using any

15  3 colours.

16  Using the light and shade effect, write your name in Hindi typography of height 2”. Design a symbol for ‘Teach India Campaign’ using 2 colours within a size of 4”x4”. Also

17   justify the symbol and its association with topic.

    Answer the following questions.    (5x2=10)
18  Design a poster on ‘Save the Girl Child’ with a slogan, within a size of 5”x7”. Also, justify the design of poster.

19  Identify the two main categories of digital images and explain them.


Write a headline and subheading for promoting ‘Sarson Mobile Phones’. Also justify the headline and its relevance.
    Answer the following questions.    (8x1=8)
20    Referring to the given image below explain colour wheel and Identify the primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Using any three colours from the given image create a design for textile print within a size of 3’’x 3’’ square.

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Courtesy: CBSE