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(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper (Human Rights and Gender Studies)

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper (Human Rights and Gender Studies)

Time allowed: 3 hours

Maximum Marks: 70

General Instructions:

(i) All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Question Nos. 1-6 are of 1 mark each. The answers to these questions should not exceed 20 words each.
(iii) Question Nos. 7-11 are of 2 marks each. The answers to these questions should not exceed 40 words each.
(iv) Question Nos. 12-17 are of 4 marks each. The answers to these questions should not exceed 100 words each.
(v) Question Nos. 18-22 are of 6 marks each. The answers to these questions should not exceed 150 words each.

Q. 1 Define human rights. 1 mark

Q. 2 What is Liberal Feminism? 1 mark

Q. 3 Highlight any two aspects of Gender Budgeting? 1 mark

Q. 4 Define positive discrimination. 1 mark

Q. 5 What is the rationale of having Legal Aid Cells? 1 mark

Q. 6 Give one example of problems related to the implementation of laws? 1 mark

Q. 7 Discuss the inequalities prevalent in India? 2 marks

Q. 8 Explain the need for Affirmative Action. 2 marks

Q. 9 Write any four elements of Gender Mainstreaing? 2 marks

Q. 10 Suggest ways to address dowry related crimes.

Q. 11 According to article in 14, constitution of India, “The state shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within territory of India.” Highlight its objective? 2 marks

Q. 12 Highlighting the composition of HRC, write any four of its functions.

Q. 13 Reflecting upon the Gender Studies, describe the link between Women Studies and Gender Studies. 4 marks

Q. 14 Critically examine the legal provision with respect to Equal Wages for Equal Work. Give suggestions for its effective implementation. 4 marks

Q. 15 Discuss equality of Fair opportunity CEF as suggested by John Rowls 4 marks

Q. 16 Identify the areas which are not covered by RTI Act. Reflect upon the reasons behind their exclusion. 4 marks

Q. 17 Analyse the recommendations given by Justice Verma Committee and discuss its relevance in present circumstances. 4 marks

Q. 18 Write short notes on:- 6 marks

(a) Family Courts
(b) Crime against Women Cell


Write short notes on:-

(a) Consumer Protection Act, 1981
(b) RTE Act, 2009

Q. 19 Examine the challenges at international level with respect to achievements and failures of economic development. 6 marks


Compare and contrast the role played by the United Nations with regards to refugees and environmentally displaced people. Suggest ways to address any discrepencies.

Q. 20 Analyse the implementation of laws and principles related to person with disabilities (PWD) in school education. Give two examples to support your answer. 6 marks


Discuss the provisions under the Juvenile Justice Act, if a 16 years old is caught committing a crime.

Q. 21 Discuss the existing legal provisions related to Human Trafficking and Female Feoticide and suggest with the help of examples, how these provisions can be strengthened?


Taking example from present scenario, how gender equality can be addressed with respect to economic growth.

Q. 22 Compare and contrast Women in Development Theory and Gender Development Theory.


Critically examine the role played by media in Gender Mainstreaming. Give examples.


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