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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2017-18 : Informatics Practices

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2017-18 :

Informatics Practices

Sample Question Paper
Subject: Informatics Practices
Class: XII
Session 2017-18

Time: 3 Hrs. M.M. 70
1 (a) Mr. Ravi, an IT Help Desk executive needs to remotely login a customer’s PC to provide him technical support. Suggest a remote access software to him. 1
(b) Identify the type of network (out of LAN/PAN/MAN/WAN) formed in the given diagram: 1
(c) Identify the fastest wired media out of the following: Ethernet cable, Optical fiber, Co-axial cable 1

(d) Mention any two main advantages of star topology over bus topology. 1
(e) Discuss the significance of Bluetooth technology. 2
(f) I. Write down any two advantages of Open Source Software over Proprietary software.

II. Ms. Sita trying to log into your Internet Banking account for online transaction activity. However, as strange as it may seem, she is denied of an access to the bank’s website, in spite of having a swift internet connection. What do you think the reason behind this problem is and suggest her few simple precautions in order to overcome any such type of network security threats. 4

2 (a) I. Help Manish in identifying the incorrect variable name with justification from the following:

i. unit@price; ii. fee; iii. userid; iv. avg marks;
II. Write Java code to declare a variable named Price of integer type. Assign a value 10 to this variable. Overwrite the value of price with its double value. Decrease the value of price by 5.4
(b) Rewrite the following code using switch case:
int day=Integer.parseInt(jTextField1.getText()); 2
if(day>=1 && day<=5)
jOptionPane1.showMessageDialog(this, "Working Day"); else if(day>=6 && day<=7)
jOptionPane1.showMessageDialog(this, "Off Day"); else
jOptionPane1.showMessageDialog(this, "Invalid Entry");

(c) i. Ms. Sangeeta wants to add few descriptive lines in the HTML code which should not be displayed on the webpage rather should remain inactive during execution. Suggest her the solution along with example.

ii. How HTML is different from XML? Mention any two point of difference. 4

3 (a) Mention any two example of common Database Management System. 1
(b) Write the full forms of the following:
i. DDL ii. DML 1
(c) Ms. Archana, a class XI student has just started learning MySQL. Help her in understanding the basic difference between Alter and Update command with suitable example.
Also suggest her suitable command for the following purpose:
i. To display the list of the database already existing in MySQL.
ii. To use the database named City.
iii. To remove the pre-existing database named Clients.
iv. To remove all the records of the table named “Club” at one go along with its structure permanently. 4
(d) Observe the given table named “Loan” carefully and predict the output of the following queries:

Loan File_No Cust_Name PhoneNo Loan_Amt Bank Cheque_Dt 619095 Ms. Roshni 9899965430 809876 HBDC  Ltd. 2017-06-15
234252 Mr. Rajesh 8654327890 745738 ICUCI Ltd. 2017-07-22
543613 Mrs. Sapna 8883546354 NULL NBI Ltd.S 2017-07-24
435467 Mr. Navneet 9764747474 647484 ICUCI Ltd. 2017-08-13
263427 Ms. Puja 8746454742 546373 HBDC Ltd. 2017-08-30

i. select count(file_no)-count(loan_amt) from loan;
ii. select Cust_Name,Loan_Amt from loan where month(cheque_dt)=7;
iii. SELECT concat(left(file_no,2),right(cust_name,2)) AS “ID” from loan where Bank='ICUCI Ltd.';
iv. select round(loan_amt-loan_amt*10/100) As "Discounted Payment" from loan where loan_amt>700000; 4
4 (a) Write down the full forms of the following:
i. URL ii. IDE1

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