(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2020-21:Manipuri Dance

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2020-21 :Manipuri Dance



(2020-21) Sample Question Paper Theory

Total Marks: 30
PART A- Objective Multiple Choice Questions

Segment I (Attempt any 8 questions from this segment)

Q.1: The feminine form or mode of dance is known as………………………

a) Lasya                          b) Pung Cholom

c) Tandav                        d) Sanchari Hasta

Q.2: Which of these is not a hand movement?

a) Chali                             b) Champaka Okpi

c) Thougal Jagoi              d) Khujeng Leibi
Q.3: Gita Govinda has poems describing relationship between gopis and the divine cowherd …………………

a) Lord Siva                      b) Devi Koushalya

c) Lord Krishna                 d) Devi Parvati
Q.4: Please mark the below given statements true or false-

a) Potloi is a piece of traditional Manipuri costume.
b) Natyashastra is an ancient text that describes the properties and usage of age-old herbs grown in India.

Q.5: Which one of the following is not a Jagoi Guru?

a) Guru Padmanath Singh                         b) Guru Amubi Singh

c) Guru Atomba Singh                               d) Guru Amudon Sharma

Q.6: Which of the following is not used in a traditional Manipuri Dance performance?

a) Flute                                        b) Kartal

c) Violin                                            d) Harmonium

Q.7: Which of the following is not a form of Manipuri Ras Lila?

a) Taal Rasak                                 b) Garba Raas

c) Mandal Rasak                           e) Danda Rasak

Q.8: Which of the following two statements is true?



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