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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Mechanical Engineering

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Mechanical Engineering

  • Class: XII
  • Mechanical Engineering-626
  • Sample Question Paper 2019-20


Answer any 10 questions out of the given 12 questions-(1 Mark Each) Choose the correct answer

Q1 In a four stroke engine number of power stroke in two rotation of crank shaft is
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

Q2 The friction disk is positioned between the flywheel and _______.
a) Engine
b) Crankshaft
c) Pressure plate
d) Differential

Q3 Distance travelled by the piston in moving from T.D.C. to the B.D.C is called
a) Stroke.
b) Bore.
c) Clearance volume.
d) Displacement Volume.

Q4 The velocity ratio of two pulleys connected by an open belt or crossed belt is
a) directly proportional to their diameters.
b) inversely proportional to their diameters.
c) directly proportional to the square of their diameters.
d) inversely proportional to the square of their diameters.

Q5 When two pulleys of different diameters are connected by means of an open belt drive,then the angle of contact taken into consideration should be of the
a) larger pulley.
b) smaller pulley.
c) average of two pulleys.
d) none of the mentioned.

Q6 Which gear train is used for higher velocity ratios in a small space?
a) Simple gear train
b) Compound gear train
c) Reverted gear train
d) Epicyclic gear train

Q7 The function of the following fitting is to extinguish boiler furnace fire in case of water level falling below safe level:
a) Feed check valve
b) Blow off cock
c) Safety valve
d) Fusible plug

Q8 Which of the following as referred to steam boiler is defined as mounting?
a) Safety valve
b) Economizer
c) Air pre heater
d) Feed Pump

Q9 What is the function of Blow down valve of a boiler?
a) To remove sludge
b) To build sediments
c) To remove Flue gas
d) To remove ash

Q10 Which of the following is an impulse turbine?
a) Pelton turbine
b) Francis turbine
c) Kaplan turbine
d) Propeller turbine

Q11 Kaplan turbine is:
a) A high head mixed flow turbine
b) A low head axial flow turbine
c) An outward flow reaction turbine
d) An impulse inward flow turbine

Q12 _______ restricts the crane from tipping
a) Gear
b) Indicator
c) Counterweights
d) Boom

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