(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper - Music Hindustani (Melodic)

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper - Music Hindustani (Melodic)

Time allowed: 03 hours

Maximum Marks: 30


  • Attempt any five questions.
  • All questions carry equal marks.

1. Define any Four of the following: Gamak,Alankar, Gram, Alaap, Murchhana, Meend
2. Describe in detail any two of the following Ragas: Malakauns, Bageshri, Bhairav
3. Give a detailed account of Sangeet Parijaat Text.


Describe the Musical Contents of Sangeet Ratnakar.

4. Write in Notation a Razakhani Gat with Two Tanas in any Night Raga of your syllabus.


Write in Notation a Maseetkhani Gat with Two Todas in any one Raga of your syllabus.

5. Discuss the development of classification of Ragas in Indian Music.

6. Describe any two of the following Talas and write in Tala notation with Dugun.
i. Rupak
ii. Dhamar
iii. Jhaptala

7. Give the Life Sketch and musical contribution of any two of the following:
i. Miyan Tansen
ii. Ustad Allaudin Khan
iii. Ustad Inayat Khan

8. Recognize the Ragas from the following Swaras and elaborate each Raga upto 50 swaras:


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