(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 : NCC – National Cadet Corps

(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 : NCC – National Cadet Corps

SET II (Common Syllabus)

1. What are the main sources of water supply? 1
2. Define NGO’s. 1
3. State the word of command used during Wheeling? 1
4. What is the type of ammunition used on miniature range? 1
5. Who established the Brahmo Samaj in India? What was its contribution towards the society? 2
6. Which are the Adventure activities incorporated in NCC training? List any two categories giving one example each. 2
7. Lack of planning and procrastination are time wasters. Explain how? 2
8. Safety is of utmost importance while undertaking adventures. Give details of safety measures to be kept in mind while undertaking Parasailing. 3
9. NCC has an important goal of unifying India. How does it achieve this goal ? 3
10. What are various kinds of wounds? How are they treated? 3
11. Why is the Drill an important part in a cadet’s life? 3
12. What is fire? State the measures to be taken to prevent occurrence of fire at kitchen places. 3
13. Corruption destroys a nation. What is corruption. List a few ways to prevent it . 4
14. What is Communication? Explain the styles for effective Communication. 4
15. Who proposed the ‘triangular theory of love in interpersonal relationship? ‘The amount of love in any relationship is directly proportional to three components’.Explain 4
16. Air and Sound Pollution has increased tremendously in the past few years. Explore its various causes and discuss some measures to control it. 6
17. Explain “alteration of sight” under the following heads 6
a) Necessity
b) Mean point of impact (MPI)
c) Figure target.

Special Subject (Army)

18 List any two of the supporting arms of the Indian Army. 1
19 What is Grid North and True North? 2
20 What is a Saddle? 2
21 Name any three methods of judging distance 3
22 What are the capabilities of the Infantry? 3
23 What are the types of Military Communication? Give one advantage and one disadvantage of types of Military Communication. 4
24 Why is Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw considered as an example of discipline, integrity and hard task master for generations to come? 6


1. Main sources of water supply Rain water, surface water and underground streams 1
2. Non-Government organizations ,controlled by members of society who share common goals and aspirations and work towards social welfare and nation building 1
3. The word of command during wheeling is‘Dahine/ BaenGhoom’ (Right/ left wheel). 1
4. Rifle .22 is used on miniature range. 1
5. Raja Ram mohun RoyWorked for eradication of various evils like Sati Pratha, Child Marriage, Purdah System. Encouraged Widow remarriage, education of women- 2
6. (Any two with one example each)  Land based- mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking Water based- sailing expedition, white water rafting, scuba diving, river crossing Air based- Parasailing 2(1+1= 2)
7. Lack of Planning: The best way to avoid a crises is to anticipate them. Common reasons are a lack of planning, unrealistic time frames, and reluctance by subordinates to break bad news.
Procrastination can best be defined asputting off the doing of something that should be done – instantly and habitually. 2
8. Safety tips advised by the Parasail Safety Council are: (a) Make sure you parasail with a fully licensed (state and local) company operating from a well-established location insured by a licensed insurance company.
(b) Only parasail with established business operators after asking relevant questions like how long they have been in business, if there business permits are current with the city and if the operator on-board is a licensed
(c). Avoid parasailing in high wind conditions (over 15 knots at sea level) due to an increased difficulty and complications during emergency water landings.
(d) Keep visibility factor in mind - Never go up in rain fog or an approaching storm.
(e) Parasailing is not recommended for individuals under the age of 16 or exceed 300 lbs. 3
(d) Make certain that you get adequate safety briefing prior to your flight including, a) a description of the activity itself, b) safety procedures in the event of an unexpected emergencies, c)the properuse of signals, while landing fire or capsizing
e) precluding any participant who appears to be afraid or intimidated prior to their aerial excursion.
(f) Parasailing at an altitude of more than 600 feet is discouraged, especially in close proximity to the shoreline or other objects. The recommended altitude for using hand signals and recovery during water landings over open ocean is 600, and 300 feet over small lakes bays or sounds (figures based on ideal wind and sea conditions with limited traffic)
g) Read the release form carefully before signing the form
9. a. NCC creates awareness among youth about the diverse heritage of our country
b. fosters national integration, despite linguistic, cultural, religious and geographical barriers
c. helps cadets gain experience, to live together, co-operate and work in harmony with cadets of other states
d. strengthens unity through the following means:
e. helps to cultivate ethics and social values values, through which the spirit of unity and value of personal sacrifice are ignited in the minds of the cadets
f. In a diverse country like ours NCC organises camps and group activities to the cadets to closely watch and participate in the cultural and traditional events of other regions, provides cadets with an opportunity to appreciate each other’s uniqueness and cultivate friendship.
g. A cadet is trained to give selfless service to society and be available anytime for any national cause. NCC can be described as the nation’s disciplined, trained and motivated young force, available for national service, to provide assistance everywhere, provide future leadership and participation in all walks of life 3
10. Kinds of wounds- Inside wound, lacerated wound, punctured wound, contusion (1 mark) First Aid for wounds 2 marks
(a) Placing the patient in a comfortable position.
(b) Stopping the bleeding, if any.
(c) Remove any foreign body, if it is easily visible and can be easily removed. 3( 1+ 2 = 3 marks )

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