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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2017-18 : National Cadet Corps

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2017-18 :

National Cadet Corps


Max marks : 49 marks Common Syllabus
21 marks Special Subject
Duration: 3 hours


Question Unit Marks
1. What is ‘Sajna’(dressing)in drill with arms? 2 1
2. What is radio-active waste? 9 1
3. What is the ill-effect of high sulphur di oxide content in air on our health? 9 1
4. Write any 2 Directive Principles of State Policy 1 2
5. What is the need of etiquettes in a society? (Any 2) 4 2
6. After a series of events, including the Jallianwala Bagh, it was realized that there was no prospect of getting fair treatment at the hands of British , so it was planned to withdraw the nation’s cooperation from the British government .
a) Identify the movement.
b) Under whose leadership this movement was started?
c) What was the outcome of this movement? 1 3
7. What are the 3 fundamentals of side pace? 2 3
8. Weapon training is a very important component of NCC program. Explain giving 3 relevant points. 3 3
9. Explain the role of NCC carcass disposal groups at the time of any natural or manmade calamity. 5 3
10. State the laws of aiming. 3 4
11. Apart from boiling & filtration explain any 4 ways of water purification. 7 4
12. From 962 for every 1000 boys in the year 1981 , the sex ratio has
decreased to an all time low of only 914 girls for 1000 boys in 2011.
a) Identify & explain the cause of dropping sex- ratio in the given period.
b) Explain any three effects of the given situation 6 4
13. What is self- awareness ? Explain any 5 dimensions of self- awareness. 2 6

14. What procedure is followed by the Guard Mounting NCO with regard to the inspection of the Guard? 4 6
15. State the objective of ‘obstacle training’ for an NCC Cadet. Enlist the safety measures to be followed during this course. What are the benefits of obstacle training course for a cadet? 8 6

Special Subjects
A. Army Question Unit Marks
1. What is a contour? 2 1
2. What is a modem? 6 1
3. Write about any two methods used in finding north? 2 2
4. Write about any two uses of service protector? 2 2
5. Mention about any four facilities that videophone provide? 6 2
6. Write about any three characteristics of Infantry. 1 3
7. With regard to 5.56MM INSAS rifle provide the following information:
(i) Length of rifle with bayonet.
(ii) Effective range
(iii) Muzzle velocity
(iv) Principal of operation
(v) Mode of fire
(vi) Normal rate of fire 4 3
8. Why is the study of military history is a must for political & military commanders? (Any three points) 5 3
9. What are the factors that help in the recognition of an object?(Any four) 3 4
B. Navy Question Unit Marks
1. How do we judge the correctness of the Sailing models? 8 1
2. Why is the knowledge of swimming necessary for a naval cadet? 9 1
3. Mention the parts of sail. 5 2
4. Explain the following terms:
(a) Reaching (b) Sailing free 6 2
5. Write about any two types of fire fighting extinguishers used in navy. 7 2
6. Explain the system of watches on a naval ship. 1 3
7. What is the role of submarines? 2 3
8. What is a prosing? Mention any 4 prosigns which are used in Semaphore? 3 3

9 (a) What is the full form of RADAR? Mention about any two types of radars used in navy.
(b) Mention any 4 fittings we generally find in a ship. 4,8 4

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