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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2020-21: Physical Education

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2020-21 :Phaysical Education

SAMPLE PAPER (2020-21)

Subject: P.E. (048) Class: XII

Maximum Marks: 70                                                                      Time:    3:00Hrs.

1.  The question paper consists of 30 questions and all are compulsory
2.  Question 1-12 carry 01 mark each and are Multiple Choice Questions
3.  Questions 13-16carry 02 marks each and shall not exceed 40-60 words
4.  Questions 17-26 carry 03 marks each and shall not exceed 80 -100 words
5.  Questions 27 - 30 carry 05 marks each and shall notexceed 150-200words

Q1. Interval Training is used for developing

a.   Flexibility

b.  Agility

c.   Endurance

d.  Speed


Resistance ability against fatigue is called

a.   Strength

b.  Speed

c.   Endurance

d.  Agility

Q2. Acceleration of an object will increase as the net force increases depending on its

a.   Density

b.  Mass

c.   Shape

d.  Volume

Q3. Physiological factor determining speed:

a.   Explosive strength

b.  Body weight

c.   Muscle composition

d.  Both a) & c)


                                     bone comes out of socket in hip dislocation.

a.   Femur 

b.  Humerus

c.   Tibia

d.  Fibula

Q4. The word Meso in Mesomorph is related to

a.   Fat

b.   Lean

c.   Muscular

d.  None of the above

Q5. . A pattern of disobedience can be observed in children suffering from

a.   ODD

b.  ADHD

c.   OCD

d.  SPD

Q6. What is Bye?

a.   It’s a method of drawing fixture.

b.  Point system for team games.

c.   Advantage given to a team to not to play in initial round.

d.  Placing of teams according to previous performance.

Q7. Dislocation is related to

a.   Bone injury

b.  Skin Injury

c.   Muscular Injury

d.  Joint injury


Fracture where a part of broken bone enters another bone

a.   Simple fracture

b.  Compound fracture

c.   Impacted fracture

d.  Green stick fracture

Q8. Ability to achieve maximum speed from stationary position is called_                          ?

a.   Speed endurance

b.  Acceleration ability

c.   Locomotors ability

d.  Movement speed



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