(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2017-18 : Sculpture

(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2017-18 : Sculpture

SCULPTURE(THEORY) (History of India Art)
Sample Question Papers – 2018

Time allowed: 02 hours

Maximum Marks: 40
General Instructions:
(i) All the eight questions are compulsory which carry equal marks.
(ii) Answers to be written for question nos.1 and 2 in about200 word each. Question nos.6, 7 and 8 are objective type.

1.  Which one do you like or dislike most among all the contemporary (modern) Indian sculptures included in your course of study? Give your appropriate reasons in detail based on the aesthetic parameters.

2.  Write an essay on the origin and development of the Rajasthani or Pahari School of Miniature Painting.

3.  Do you receive any spiritual message from the famous Mughal miniature painting ‘Kabir and Raidas’ or famous Deccani miniature-painting?‘HazratNizamuddinAuliya and Amir Khusro?’Explain in short.

4.  Identify any relevant painting of the Bengal School included in your course of study comprising of the following features and explain them in that painting accordingly:

(a) The creation of mystic and mellow style by using gloomy colouring with diffused light background and absence of any dark line or tone, which provide the experience of the astral-world.
(b) The delineation of attenuated human figures with extra elongated limbs and tapering fingers, which reflect the influence of the Rajasthani, Pahari and Mughal miniatures. Hence emphasis on the European realism is terminated.

5. Evaluate the artistic achievements of any of the following Contemporary (Modern) Indian artists, with special reference to his/her art-work included in your course:
(i) KamleshDuttPande (painter)
(ii) RamkinkerVaij (sculptor)
(iii) AnupamSud (graphic-artist)

6. Mention the names of any five painters of the Rajasthani and Pahari Schools of Miniature Painting included in your course of study.

7. Mention the titles of any five miniature paintings of the Mughal and Deccan Schools included in your course of study.

8. What is symbolized by each of the following used in the Indian National Flag?
(1) Indian Saffron Colour
(2) White Colour
(3) Indian Green Colour
(4) Ashoka-Wheel
(5) 24 Spokes in the Ashokan-Wheel

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