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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2017-18 : Sociology

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2017-18 : Sociology



General Instructions:

1. There are 25 questions in all.
2. All questions are compulsory.
3. Questions No. 1-14 are very short answer type questions carrying 2 marks each. Answer to each question should not exceed 30 words.
4. Questions No. 15-21 are short answer type questions carrying 4 marks each. Answer to each question should not exceed 80 words.
5. Questions No. 22-25 are of long answer type questions carrying 6 marks each. Answer to each question should not exceed 200 words each. Question no. 25 is to be answered with the help of the passage given.

1. “While knowing about its past in ancient and medieval times is very important, its colonial experience is particularly significant for comprehending modern India.” Justify. 2
2. “Social movements have shaped the world we live in and continue to do so.” Exemplify. 2
3. “States need the nation as much or even more than nations need states.” Justify. 2
4. Identify the reasons for the sex-ratio to be in favour of females. 2
5. Define electronic economy. 2
6.How is globalisation taking people in the direction of loneliness? 2
7. “Many of our cultural practices and patterns can be traced to our agrarian backgrounds.” How? 2
8. “Cities had a key role to play in the economic system of empires.” Discuss. 2
9. Compare the economic and sociological perspectives on markets. 2
10. How is the rural in Kerala a mixed economy? 2
11. Define Contract Farming. 2
12. What is Capitalism? 2
13. Explain the concept of ‘Imagined Community’. 2

14. In the context of cultural diversity, when does the feeling of alienation arise? 2
15. “The emergence of sociology and its successful establishment as an academic discipline owed a lot to demography.” How?4
16. Comment, in the context of social movements, on how caste lost its ritual content and became more and more secularised for political mobilisation. 4
17. “ A nation is a peculiar sort of community that is easy to describe but hard to define.” Elucidate. 4
18. Why should students of Sociology study the phenomenal expansion of mass communication?
What was the difference in the way mass-media was used in the 19th century by social reformers and by the British rule? 4
19. Identify and describe the political changes and developments that accompanied globalisation.


Define and describe the difference between fordism and post-fordism. 4
20. Differentiate between indigenous capitalism and Marx’s idea of capitalism. 4
21. Evaluate the impact of the Bombay Mill Strike of 1982. 4
22. “Many tribal areas have had a rich tradition of grass root democratic functioning. However, these institutions weren’t necessarily democratic in their structure and functioning.” Comment.
“Karachi Resolution reflects a vision of democracy.” Discuss. 6
23. “Is tribe part of the caste continuum”? Substantiate your answer with reasons. 6
24. “Sociologist Satish Saberwal elaborates upon the modern context by sketching three aspects to the modern framework of change in colonial India.” Which three aspects are being talked about? Describe any two of them. 6
25. From Stree Purush Tulana 1882. …Who are these women you give such names to? Whose womb did you take your birth in? Who carried the killing burden of you for nine months? Who was the saint
who made you the light in her eye, …How would you feel if someone said about your mother, “That old chap’s mother, you know, she’s a gateway to hell’. Or your sister, “That so-and so-s’ sister, she’s a real storehouse of deceit’. …Would you just sit and listen to their bad words?… …Then you get blessed with a bit of education and promoted to some important new office- and you start feeling ashamed of your first wife. Money works its influence on you and you begin to say to yourself, what does a wife matter after all? Don’t we just give them a few rupees a month and keep them at home like any other servant, to do the cooking and look after the house? You begin to think of her like some female slave you’ve paid for….If one of your horses died it wouldn’t take long to replace it, and there’s no great labour needed to get another wife either. ..The problem is Yama hasn’t got time to carry off wives fast enough, or you’d probably get through several different ones in one day!
a) Were social reform movements fought only by males? Give reasons for your answer. 4
b) Name any two women’s organisations. 2

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