(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Textile Chemical Processing

(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Textile Chemical Processing

Class: XII
Textile Chemical Processing-(779)
Sample Question Paper 2019-20


1. Define the following term (Do any 10) 
i. Bleaching
ii. Cross dyeing
iii. Mudmee Tie-Dye
iv. Soil release
v. Direct prints
Fill in the blanks.
vi. Removal of producing from both sides of fabric is as _______________
vii. Hydrogen peroxide is also called _______________
viii. _______________ derived from formal of Benzedrine salts.
ix. _______________ can be used for heat transfer.
x. _______________ produces -dimensions on fabric.
xi. ____________is an example direct style of printing.
xii. ______________ process, wool fabric is warm progressive shrinkage. 

Very short answers (Do any 5) 
2. Describe the resist dying method?
3. What is the importance of garment dyeing?
4. Which terminology is used in Dying process?
5. Name the two categories of printing and their methods.
6. What is advantage of stencil printing?
7. What are styles of prints?
8. Name the chemical used in De-sizing?

Short Answers (Do  any 5) 
9. What are direct prints and its importance?
10. Write down the specific features of the following prints (any one):
(a). Folck prints
(b). Duplex prints
11. Describe the importance of screen prints.
12. Write a short notes on following:
(a). Embossed calendaring
(b). Fiction calendaring
13. Distinguish between any two of the following:
(a). Hand and soft mater
(b). Water repellent and water proof wash
14. Difference between Acid wash and Stone wash.
15. How do you identifies Direct print on the given fabric?

Section B

Long Answers (Do any 3) 
16. Give important features of stock dyeing?
17. Write a short note on the following:
(a). Soil release finish
(b). Preparation of wool for dying and printing
(c). Winch dying machine
18. Write the important features of the following dyes
(a). Vat Dyes
(b). Disperre dyes
(c). Sulfur dyes
19. Write the function of Jet Dyeing machine.
20. What are the main objectives of mercerizing process?

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