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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Troubleshooting Maintenance Of Electronic Equipments

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Troubleshooting Maintenance Of Electronic Equipments

Class: XII
Troubleshooting Maintenance Of Electronic Equipments-(790)
Sample Question Paper 2019-20


Answer any 10 questions out of the given 12 questions:
1. Ribbon type microphone has important characteristics of two faces. What are those two faces?

(a) To and fro
(b) Front and back
(c) Forward and reverse
(d) Up and down
2. The process of magnetic recording is based on principle of

(a) Electromagnetic induction
(b) Mutual induction
(c) Self-Induction
(d) Both A and B
3. Impedance of loudspeaker is of the order of

(a) Ohm
(b) Megaohm
(c) Kilo ohm
(d) Gegaohm
4. The diameter of circular plastic coated CD disc is
(a) 130 mm
(b) 220 mm
(c) 20 mm
(d) 120mm
5. Enclosure of a loudspeaker act as a

(a) Infinitebaffle
(b) Woofer
(c) Tweeter
(d) Finite baffle
6. CD player reads recorded information from

(a) Centertrack
(b) Innermosttrack
(c) Outermosttrack
(d) None of theabove
7. In monochrome Television, the contrast is controlled by

(a) DC voltage
(b) AC voltage
(c) DC current
(d) Both A and B
8. In Television receiver, if the vertical sync is missing, the picture will

(a) Roll up and down
(b) Roll horizontally
(c) Not distorted
(d) No Picture
9. Which device would be the best aid in shorted track detection?

(a) Multimeter
(b) Logic Pulser
(c) Current Tracer
(d) Oscilloscope
10. Which test equipment allows comparison between input and output signals?

(a) Single channel oscilloscope
(b) Logic probe
(c) Spectrum Analyzer
(d) Multitrace Oscilloscope
11. Full form of DTMF is

(a) Double throw multiple functions
(b) Dual Tone multiple frequency
(c) Digital tunable multiplex phone
(d) Double tunable mobile frequency
12. When in a TV receiver both sound and picture are weak and distorted, the problem is most likely in

(a) AFC
(b) FMD etector
(c) Tuner
(d) Video Amp

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