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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Typography & Computer Applications

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Typography & Computer Applications

Class: XII
Typography & Computer Applications-607
Sample Question Paper 2019-20

PART A – Typography

I Answer any 10 questions 10(1) = 10

1. What is the difference between the Business Letter and the Official Letter? 1
2. What is a ‘complimentary closure’ and ‘salutation’ in business letter? And by which words these are represented. 1
3. Explain the meaning of ‘;/’ and ‘trs./’ in manuscript. 1
4. Why the word ‘stet’ is used in proof corrections? 1
5. What is E-Commerce? 1
6. Name any two Antivirus. 1
7. What is Range in Excel? 1
8. What is CC in Email? 1
9. What is Search Engine? 1
10. What is Slide Sorter view in Power Point. 1
11. What is Email? 1
12. What is Spam? 1

II Answer any 5 questions 5(3) = 15

1. What do you mean by an ’Office Order’ and ‘Office Note’? How does ‘Office Order’ differ from ‘Office Memorandum’? 3
2. What is the difference between Semi-block and Fully-blocked Style? 3
3. Write down the full form of the following abbreviations used in offices?
(i) RTGS
(ii) GST
(iii) DD
(iv) CV
(v) CC
(vi) MOU 3
4. What is function in Excel? Explain SUM and COUNT function? 3
5. What are formulas? What are the benefits of using formula in Excel. 3
6. What are the uses of PowerPoint Presentation? 3
7. What is Computer Virus? How are they transmitted? 3

PART B – Computer Application

III Answer any 1 question 1(5)=5

1. What is Chart? What are the different types of Charts in Excel ? 5
2. What is the meaning of manuscript and write down the signs used for ‘adding
a new paragraph’ and also explain ‘Trans’ and ‘Cap’ signs. 5

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