(Paper) Sample Paper Class -X (English) ( 2007 -08)

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Sample Paper Class -X (English) ( 2007  -08)


Class  -    X
Subject:  English Communicative
( code :-101)

( M.M :- 100)



SECTION A-   ( Reading) (20 Marks)

A.1:-Passage I (12 Marks)
Get Physical while gaming


1.If  playing video games makes kids less active & contributes obesity, why not create  more video games that require activity? This question prompted Mayo Clinic researchers to scientifically measure the energy spent playing video games & examine options to make children hooked to electronic screens more active.


2.“ We know if children play video games that require movement, they burn more energy than they would while sitting & playing traditional screen games,” writes Loraine Lanningham-Foster, Mayo obesity researcher and study leader of U.S. “ The point is that children- very focused on screen games- can be made healthier if activity is a required part of the game.”


3. The results showed that sitting while watching television and playing traditional video games expended the same amount of energy. When participants played with the first activity – oriented video game, one that uses a camera to virtually “ place” them in the game where they catch balls and other objects, their energy expenditure tripled. The result was the same for the lean and mildly obese children.


4.While there is no published data for India, clinicians say an average school-age child in urban India spends over 4 hrs. a day-28 hrs. a week – in front of a screen and it’s impact is showing in the rising rates of obesity in urban children.


5. What can make a difference is keeping track of what children do .A study reported in the ‘Journal of Adolescence’ last year said that children whose parents limit the amount of time they could play.” It is for doctors and parents to advise children on choosing healthy habits such as limiting screen time, becoming more active & eating the right kind of food,” says nutritionist Ishi  Khosla.


6. “Computers and games are great tools for education, but it is for parents to ensure that the tool does become more important than the subject being taught.” adds Nagpal.



A.1.1 On the basis of your reading of the above passage, complete the following incomplete statements:-(8m)

1. Playing video games has made children     a) ……..

2. Video games that require movement burn  b)…….

3.  If  activity is made a part of the game children can be  c)……

4.  Clinicians say an average school age child in urban India  d)….

5.  Computers and games are great tools  e)…… but Nagpal added that parents have to ensure f)…..

6.  Parents needs to advise children  g)…….

7.  According to Mayo researchers, while focusing on screen games, children can be made healthier h)….



A.1.2 Pick out the words which mean the same as :- ( 4m)

(a)  Possibility                        Para 1 

(b)  Very fat                          Para 3

(c)  Customary                       Para 2

(d) Marked effect / influence     Para 4


A.2:-PASSAGE   II (8M)

(1) She may not have followed in the footsteps of Kalpana  Chawla or Sunita Williams. But she has made a splash in the Indian Diaspora by her own feat. Neha Hotchandani, the first Indian woman to join Uncle Sam’s Army and to think that she is only 20 !


(2.) But then, Neha’s life has been different from that of most Gujarati girls . Her mother Renu says,”She has been adventurous since childhood & has always loved challenges- an attitude that has stood her in good stead. We want her to go out and conquer the world, regardless of risks associated with her job.” Renu herself is a fitness expert who runs aerobic dance and yoga classes in Gandhidham in addition to looking after the administration at her husband’s hospital.


(3.) Neha born in Ahmedabad on April 10, 1986, grew up in Adipur and Gandhidham. An alumna of the Mount Carmel High School of Gandhidham, she graduated from HL Commerce College in Ahmedabad.


(4) “ She may have been a student of commerce and finance, but she is a lover of the arts” says mother Renu. “ She writes poetry, is an accomplished western dancer, and crazy about jazz,” gushes father Dr. Hiralal  Hotchandani, an orthopaedic surgeon.


(5) “ There is so much peer pressure in Gandhidham that I was fed up. Though the situation was quite different in my family, I noticed that other youngsters of my age didn’t have the freedom to pursue what they wanted to do. Feeling uncomfortable in such an environment, I decided to set off for the US for higher studies,” says  Neha.


(6) But she had “ never dreamt” to be in the armed forces. It was “sheer chance”. Neha, however, does not


harbour a high opinion of the Indian Army. “I’m not at all impressed by the Indian Army, to say the least. Even if I get an opportunity, I don’t think I’ll ever join it”, she remarks matter –of  factly.


(7) “ I must, however, say that Army training should be compulsory for every Indian. It helps you become a better citizen”, says the ebullient girl.


A2.1:-On the basis of your reading of the above passage complete the following statements:-           ( 4m)

1. Two characteristics of  Neha’s  childhood behaviour ….

2. Occupation of Neha’s  - Mother  ---- Father.

3. Besides a student of commerce she also have interest in …..

4. According to Neha, why should Army training be made compulsory ?



SECTION  B ( Writing) (  30 marks)

B.1 You are Saurabh / Surabhi. Your school has planned to organize summer camp in your school for the session 2008. Draft  a Notice, to inform all the students about the various curricular activities which are going to take place during this camp. Also mention that , one student can participate in not more than 2 activities. ( 50 words) (5 M)



B.2: You are Shashank / Shashi. Your sister’s marriage has been settled. Write a telegram to your elder brother who is staying in a hostel,  Shimla, informing him about the news. Also ask him his holiday schedule so that the date may be fixed accordingly. ( 25 words) (5 M)   



B.3  Nowadays every third day, we come to know either through news channel / newspaper about some terrorist threat or bomb explosion in the markets, at the railway stations, historical / religious places etc.



There is a threat /fear or feeling of insecurity among the common people. You are Sakshit / Sakshi, residing at 34, Cantt road,Agra. Write a letter to the editor of ‘The Indian Express’ Delhi, highlighting the problem & requesting the higher authorities to take immediate step towards the problem. Also suggest some measures how common people can help to solve the problem. (150 words) (10 m)



B.4 Although Veerappan is dead, the threat to wild life continues to loom large thanks to scores of lesser Veerappans i.e. poachers & smugglers of rare animal skins, claws, bones, precious herbs& wood.



Write an article for the magazine, in not more than 150 – 200 words, highlighting the problem in the magazine, expressing your concern at the threat to India’s wildlife and suggesting how children can help conservationists and the government in checking in it. You are Ankit / Ankita living at 67, Abou Lane, Pune. (10 m)



SECTION  C   ( Grammar) ( 20 Marks)                                                                         

C.1  In the passage given below, there is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word along with the correct word in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. Ensure that incorrect word is underlined. The first one has been done for you as an example. ( ½ x 8=4)

India’s success on getting China   e.g on in

to commit on banning tigers   a)

being bred in captivity for trade

in body parts addressed  key         b)

conservation concerns. At the        c)

Hague conference of parties to a     d)

Convention in International trade     e)

in endanger Species, China had       f)

attempt to keep the ban restricted  g)

to international trade on parts         h)

and derivatives of such tigers.         

C.2  Rearrange the following words and phrase to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done for you as an example. Write the answers against the correct blank numbers in your answer sheet. (1x4=4M)


Eg.  Youngsters / get / to see / you.

You get to see youngsters.

(a)    just out / searching / school , / desperately / for / right / of / the / college.

(b)   There is / the /  then / problem of / the / choosing / best / of / combination / courses.

(c)    dilemma / are / a / in / students.

(d) whether / for / to go / traditional / or / courses / opt / more / recently / for / options / developed.


 Complete the following paragraph by filling it with only  One word :- (1/2x8=4M)

I  remember a)….. own days in college. I  (b) … from one of the country’s elitist institutions  c)…. Learning while a  d)…. Of my classmates came  e)…. provincial backgrounds.

Throughout college  f)….   maintained a low profile  g)….  gave a  h)…….. inkling of their true potential.



 Look at the newspaper items given below. Then use the information in the headlines to complete the paragraphs. Write the answers in your answer sheets against the correct blank number:- ( 3m)

The Central Board of Secondary Education……., beginning from March 7.

The Diabtic Research Centre, Delhi, today…………..

The Police ……..  engaged in smuggling of liquor to the state.



C.6  Given below are some conversation. Complete the dialogues by filling in the gaps in any suitable way. Write the correct answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. ( 5 m)

Teacher :-    Where (a)…………  the recess  ?

Gibbs    :-      I was playing with my friends.

Teacher :-    (b)………..   my permission ? If you had, I would have gladly given it to you.

Gibbs    :-      Do (c )……  even during recess ?

Teacher :-     Yes, you have to. See, if you want to stay here, you (d)….. rules of school. Do you understand.

Gibbs :-       Yes, Sir. I am sorry. It (e)……  future again.




SECTION  D    ( Literature) ( 30 Marks)

Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow. Write the answers in your answer sheet in one or two lines. Number the answers correctly

 D.1 - They clicked their tongues  With every movement that the scorpion made His  poison moved in mother’s blood, they said.

a)       Name the poem & the poet. 1M

b)   Who are ‘they’ ? 1 M

c)   Why do they hope that the scorpion should sit still ? 1 M

d) What do these words tell us about ‘them’ ? 1 M


O thou,

Who chariotest to their dark wintry bed.

The winged seeds, where they lie cold and low,

Each like a corpse within its grave, until

Thine azure sister of the spring shall blow.      

a) Who has been addressed in the above lines ?    1 M

b) Name the poetic devices used in the above lines. 1 M

c) What does the poet mean by ‘azure sister’ ?  2 M



 D.3  Read the extract given below and answer the questios that follow in one or two lines :-

 'Let me see some tenderness connected with death'

 a)  Who is the speaker ? Why did he make this comment ? 2 M

 b)   How did the ghost oblige him ? 1 M

 c)   What realization dawned on ‘him’ after the visit of the third ghost ? 2 M 



D.4   “ He knew he had to hide & how to hide”. Why & how Ch-stal hide ? Write your answer in about 50-75 words. 4 M


D.5  After reading Julius  Caesar, What conclusions do you draw about the Roman mob of the day ? Answer in about  75 words. 5 M


D.6  You are Babuli’s elder brother. You have just received the note left by Babuli for you, giving his share of property to you. Make a diary entry of the events & your feelings from the time when the decision to divide the property was taken, till the time Babuli left . Write the diary entry on behalf of elder brother in about 150-175  words . 8 M

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