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(Download) CBSE: Class XII Sample Paper: 2012 - Painting

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Sample Paper – 2012
Class – XII
Subject – Painting

Q. 1- Appreciate the famous contemporary ( modern) Indian painting ‘BIRTH OF POETRY’ or ‘SANTHAR FAMILY’ based on its:

  • (i) Name of artist.
  • (ii) Medium & Technique
  • (iii) Subject Matter
  • (iv) Composition.

Q2. Describe the main features of the Rajasthani or Pahari school of miniature painting.

Q.3 Write a short note on any of the following with special reference to the paintings included in your course of study.

  • (a) the tendency for composing crowded scenes involving too many forms and figures in the Mughal  miniature painting.
  • (b) The representation of the landscape background with typical deccani hills with deccan miniature painting.

Q.4. Why do you like or dislike the paintings of the Bengal school. Give your appropriate reasons in short.

Q.5.Highlight the aesthetic aspects of the famous painting THREE GIRLS done by Amrita Shergil.

Q.6. (a) Mention the name of any three painters of the Rajasthani school included in your course of study, which you like the most.
(b) Mention the name of those two sub schools of the Pahari miniatures which are included in your course of study 

Q.7. (a) Mention the name of the Mughal Emperor’s period under whose patronage each of the following miniature painting was produced :

  • (i) Jahangir Holding the picture of Madona
  • (ii) Kabir and Raidas.
  • (iii) Krishna lifting Mount Goverdhana

(b) Mention the name of the sub school of each of the following Deccani Miniature paintings included in your course of study :

  • (i) Chand Bibi playing polo.
  • (ii) Dancers

Q.8 Mention the names of any five personalities who played important role in the formation of the Bengal school.


NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII