(Download) CBSE Class X Chemistry Guess Paper: 2012 - Set - I

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Guess Paper – 2012
Class – X
Subject – Chemistry
(Carbon & its Compounds)


i) Butane has ________ number of covalent bonds.

a) 6 b) 9 c) 11 d) 13

ii) Ethanol reacts with sodium to give

a) Sodium Chloride b) Sodium Carbonate c) Sodium Bromide d) Sodium Ethoxide

iii) Combustion of Methane release

a) CO2 b) H2O c) Energy d) All

iv) Name the functional group of the symbol >C=O

a) Ketone b) Aldehydes c) Alcohols d) Carboxylic Acids

v) Covalent bonds are formed by _________ of _________.

a) Sharing, Electron b) Donating, Electron c) Both d) None