(Download) CBSE X English Guess Paper: 2012

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Guess Papers – 2012
Class – X
Subject – English

1. Last evening the poet went to the theatre to see
(A) Show
(B) Play
(C) Cinema
(D) Opera

2. A woman was seated behind along with her
(A) niece
(B) friend
(C) maid
(D) sister

3. The poet was annoyed with the lady because
(A) she was singing
(B) speaking
(C) revealing the suspense
(D) quarreling

4. The woman and her companion were
(A) clever
(B) stupid
(C) senseless
(D) foolish

5. The poet did not like the lady
(A) talking loudly
(B) telling the story
(C) breathing on his neck
(D) b & c


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