(Download) CBSE XII Chemistry Sample Paper 2012 Set-I

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Sample Paper – 2012
Class – XII
Subject – Chemistry

Q1)  How Many Effective Sodium Ions Are Located At The Centres Of The Faces Of A Unit Cell In Sodium Chloride Crystal?

Q2)  What Do You Observe When Red Blood Corpuscles Are Placed In (I) 1% NaCl Solution, (Ii) 0.5% NaCl Solution?

Q3)  Give Reason For The “blue Colour Of The Sky”.

Q4)  Give The Role Cryolite In The Metallurgy Of Aluminium.

Q5)  Write I.U.P.A.C. Name For,

Q6)  Name The Monomer From Which Nylon – 6 Is Manufactured.

Q7) What Is Zwitter – Ion?