(Download) J&K State Board of School Education : 12th Class Model Paper 2013 - Political Science

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Jammu & Kashmir State Board of School Education

(Model Paper) Download 12th Class Model Paper ( Political Science )


Long Answer Type Questions (200 -250 words) :

Q1. Emergence of two power blocs was actually superpower rivalry. Discuss?
‘With the end of Cold War, NAM has lost its relevance.’ Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons in support of your answer.
( 6 Marks )

Q2. What do you mean by Bipolarity? Assess the new world order which emerged after the collapse of Soviet Union.
Critically examine India’s relations with Russia?
( 6 Marks )

Q3. ‘The Congress party had inherited the legacy of National Movement.’ Prove the validity of this statement in the light of electoral results of first three general
In the early years of independence opposition parties were left with a very little room due to rainbow like character of Congress Party. Comment
( 6 Marks )

Q4. Why did the government impose emergency in 1975? Was it a necessary step to deal with the prevailing situation? Give reasons in support of your answer.
Critically assess the role of Bihar and Gujarat movements in highlighting the loopholes of Congress Government.
( 6 Marks )

Q5. Examine the role of regional parties in coalition politics.
Describe the formation and objective of UPA?
( 6 Marks )


Short Answer Type Questions (100 -150 words):
Briefly describe hegemony of USA as a soft power.( 4 Marks )

Q7. Instead of opting for a Shock Therapy, China pioneered a new path in adopting a market economy. Was it a success? Comment ( 4 Marks )

Q8. Explain the main causes of ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.  ( 4 Marks )

Q9. What has been India’s stand on UN reformation? 4 Marks

Q10. What do you understand by sustainable development? What was the outcome of the Rio summit?  4 Marks

Q11. Define Nation building.What was Nehru’s approach to nation-building? 4 Marks

Q12. What do you understand by Green Revolution? What were its effects? 4 marks

Q13. What is CTBT? Do you think India’s response to CTBT is genuine? 4 marks

Q14. What do you understand by the slogan of ‘Garibi Hatoa’? Was it successful? 4 Marks

Q15. How does article 370 reflect the special status of J&K? What kind of reactions has article 370 given rise to? 4 Marks

Section C

Very Short Answer Type ( 30 words  ):

Q16. What is Bandwagon strategy? 2 Marks

Q17. Name two major contentious issues between India and Pakistan. Which treaty has survived to this day despite various military conflicts between the two neighbours? 2 marks

Q18. What is disarmament? 2 Marks

Q19. Mention any three new sources of threat to Global security. 2 Marks

Q20. What do you mean by globalization? 2 Marks

Q21. What is cultural homogenization? Give two examples of cultural homogenization. 2 Marks

Q22. What is Panchsheel? 2 Marks

Q23. What did Chipko movement stand for? 2 Marks

Q24. Give a brief introduction of Mandal commission. 2 Marks

Section D

Each question carries 1 mark ( Objectives ):

Q25. (A) Multiple choice Questions:
Which of the following was earlier called as Baghdad pact.
(c) NATO
(d) Warsaw Pact 1 mark

ii. The policy of Glasnost was initiated by
(a) Joseph Stalin
(b) Boris Yeltsin
(c) Gorbachev
(d) Khrushchev 1 Mark

iii. Which of the following is an example of a movement against outsiders
(a) Mizo National Front
(b) Naga Nationalist Front
(c) All Assam Students’ Union
(d) None of the above 1 Mark

iv. Which of the following is associated with Narmada Bachao Andolan
(a) Medha Patkar
(b) Maneka Gandhi
(c) Gaura Devi
(d) Jyotiba Phule 1 mark

(B) Fill in the blank

i. ____________ is the present UN secretary-General.
ii. Alliance-building is a component of __________ Security.
iii. Planning Commission was setup in __________.
iv. ___________ was the official candidate of congress in 1969 Presidential election. 1x4= 4 marks

(C) True/ False

i. Globalisation is about world-wide inter-connectedness. (True/False)
ii. Agenda21 was the outcome of Rio summit. (True/False)
iii. Hyderabad acceded to India through plebiscite. (True/False)
iv. Doctrine of Basic structure of the constitution was advanced in Golak Nath case. (True/False)  1x4= 4Marks

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