(Papers) FTII JET-2022-23: Diploma in Art Direction and Production Design Paper-2

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(Papers) FTII JET-2022-23: Diploma in Art Direction and Production Design Paper-2

Directions (Question 1) : Answer the following question. (Marks/20)

1. Which Art movement has taken birth in India after World War II and what has changed in the art world due to it. Which were the artist who took part in it. Which are their works of art which left an impression and what was its impact on the Indian society. Explain with example.

2. You are being given five references, mixing which you have to design a space, a character and also draw it. While drawing this, you have to use memory, visualization and imagination skills.
(1) Gothic Architecture 
(2) Vincent VanGogh
(3) Michelangelo
(4) Raja Ravi Verma
(5) Morning Sunlight

3. Draw a Ground/Floor Plan of your house. Mention the Directions, sunpath functionality of spaces and other details which you feel important to explain architecture and geographical style.


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