(Papers) FTII JET-2022-23: Diploma in Screen Acting Paper-2

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(Papers) FTII JET-2022-23: Diploma in  Screen Acting Paper-1

Directions (Questions 1-7): This is a Specific Area Aptitude Test. It consists of total 7 questions.

Question No 1 is compulsory. This question carries 20 marks. Attempt any three questions from the remaining 6 questions. These questions carry 10 mark each. 

1. What are the necessary skills that an actor must possess? Name three actors or actresses who according to you possess these skills? Explain why, with one example of their work. 

 2. How important is observation and listening for an actor, and why?

 3. Give an example of a role that you have greatly enjoyed watching. Explain how you could have performed it better. 

 4. Discuss any two well-known styles/methods of acting.

 5. What is your approach when you prepare for a role? Will it differ for stage and screen? If so,explain how?


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