(Papers) FTII JET-2022-23: Diploma in Screenwriting (Film, TV & Web Series) Paper-2

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(Papers) FTII JET-2022-23: Diploma in  Screenwriting (Film, TV & Web Series) Paper-2

Directions (Question 1) : Answer the following question. (Marks/20)

1. Read the given below details carefully, write a short film story with a clear beginning, middle and the end. 
'The Starry Night' in a dusty frame in the yellow wall and the grand piano in a house so small appeared to be a misfit. Books, maps, blooming peace lily in a small pot (even though she knows this plant is poisonous to cats and she owns two), hanging dim lights and a wooden desk chair without a desk all at once were trying to own the tiny room. But what actually owned the room was the diamond necklace lying gracefully on the floor was it real or fake the brightness couldn't reveal. 
Build a short film story around the details given above in one or two of the following genres drama, horror, comedy, romance, mystery, fantasy, slice of life, thriller.

2. "As I suspected! Here he comes, just in time", said the detective, write the climactic scene of a detective web-series where finally the detective resolves the mystery.

3. "My dreams, my choices, my life" write a gripping dramatic scene where the protagonist is experiencing such emotions, is ready to face life's challenges, and end it with a twist that awaits the protagonist. 

4. Choose one of the plots given below, develop it further and end it in a conversation (dialogues).You can also describe the setting and the characters in 2-3 lines, if required.
a) A teenager runs away from home with a set goal Bollywood.
b) A single mother fights back the dogmas and the secret she thought was a curse. 


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