(Papers) FTII JET-2022-23: Diploma in Sound Recording and Sound Design Paper-1

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(Papers) FTII JET-2022-23: Diploma in Sound Recording and Sound Design Paper-1

1. Which is the oldest form of composition of Hindustani vocal music?
(1) Tappa 
(2) Dhrupad 
(3) Thumri 
(4) Khayal

2. The Maori are the indigenous people of which nation?
(1) Indonesia 
(2) Ghana
(3) Columbia
(4) New Zealand

3. World's oldest cave painting was recently found in which country?
(1) India 
(2) China
(3) Indonesia 
(4) Japan

4. 'And the Show Goes On' was a documentary made by the BBC on which Indian filmmaker?
(1) Mrinal Sen 
(2) Raj Kapoor
(3) Satyajit Ray
(4) Dev Anand

5. The phenomenon that enables us to perceive motion is known as
(1) Entopic phenomenon.
(2) Persistence of vision.
(3) Newton's first law.
(4) Galileo's law of motion.

6. Dogri is primarily spoken in which State/UT of India?
(1) Punjab
(2) Meghalaya
(3) Gujarat
(4) Jammu & Kashmir

7. Leshalaptu is a folk dance of which Indian State?
(1) Nagaland
(2) Kerala
(3) Karnataka
(4) Goa

8. What is the full form of AR which is fast becoming popular in the entertainment industry?
(1) Actual Reality
(2) Arterial Realism
(3) Artificial Realism 
(4) Augmented Reality

9. Which of the following States has the longest coastline?
(1) Andhra Pradesh
(2) Kerala
(3) Maharashtra
(4) Tamil Nadu

10. Which of the following is used in writing pencil?
(1) Graphite
(2) Silicon
(3) Mica
(4) Phosphorus


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