(Papers) FTII (TV Wing) JET-2022-23: Post Graduate Certificate Course in Television (Direction) Paper-2

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(Papers) FTII (TV Wing) JET-2022-23: Post Graduate Certificate Course in Television (Direction) Paper-2

Directions (Question 1) : Answer the following question.

1. A girl shuts the fridge door with a bang and with an angry face she is about to cross the threshold of the house. An angry man standing behind says, "If you step out of the house, you will never see my face again".
Construct a story around this situation with writing what happens next and give a suitable title.

Directions (Questions 2-7) : Answer any three of the following questions. (Marks/10×3=30)

2. Take any subject you would like to make a documentary on. Write ____________.
a) Brief background, and the need for such a documentary.
b) The statement you want to make through this documentary in one sentence.
c) Audience intended.
d) At least THREE points that should be included in the documentary.
e) If you think some interviews on camera are needed, then who should be interviewed and give two questions to be asked.

3. With examples, state importance of 'Surprise' and 'Suspense' in storytelling.

4. 'OTT is the future of the entertainment industry.' Discuss the statement with your opinion for or against the same.


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