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CBSE Class-10 Exam 2018 : Marking Scheme, Gujarati

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CBSE Class-10 Exam 2018 : Marking Scheme

Question Paper, Gujarati

CBSE Class-10 Exam 2018 : Gujarati

Marking Scheme for Subject Code-010 Set 4

Secondary School Examination

March 2018

Marking Scheme : Gujarati (010)

General Instructions :

Please adhere to the following instructions during evaluation.

Specific Instructions :

As per the Supreme Court order, candidates can photocopy their answer sheets on payment of the decided fee.

Answer sheets to be evaluated as per the marking scheme.

1. A discussion, individually and in a group to be held with the examiners on the first day prior to the commencement of evaluation.

2. The main objective of evaluation is to do justice to the candidate. The answers provided in the answer key are not binding but serve as a guide to the examiner. If the candidate has written meaningful and appropriate answers, marks to be awarded.

3. Evaluation should not be subjective.

4. Marks awarded to sub questions to be noted in the margin and the sum of these marks to be placed at the beginning of the main question.

5. When there are no sub questions, marks for the question to be awarded in the margin as well as at the beginning of the question.

6. If the same question has been attempted twice and none of the answers have been struck off by the candidate, the best answer is to be considered for evaluation.

7. If additional points have been written by the candidate, examiner is required to ignore them and assess relevant points.

8. Candidates can be penalized for one type of error only once.

9. No marks can be deducted for exceeding the word limit.

10. It is observed that examiners tend to stretch marks from 30% to 33%. Examiners also deduct 1 mark to avoid giving full marks. It must be noted that marks from 0- 80 can be awarded by any examiner.

11. If the answer is completely wrong, it may be crossed out and 0 marks to be awarded.

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