CBSE Class-12 Exam 2018 : Marking Scheme, Engineering Graphics

Class 12 papers

CBSE Class-12 Exam 2018 : Marking Scheme

Question Paper, Engineering Graphics

CBSE Class-12 Exam 2018 : Engineering Graphics (Delhi)


Senior School Certificate Examination – 2018


Sub Code : 046

Paper Code : 68

General Note:

a) The marking scheme carries only suggested value points for the answers. These are only Guidelines and do not constitute the complete answer. The students can have their own expression and if the expression is correct, the marks be awarded accordingly.

b) Marks are to be awarded in proportion to the work done.

c) Mistakes in dimensioning up to +- 1.0 mm may be ignored.

d) in dimensioning, arrow-heads of various types, as per SP: 46 2003 codes are acceptable. However, where space is too small for an arrowhead, oblique stroke or dot may be employed,

e) In question no. 2 and in sectioned view of question no. 4, if hidden edges lines are drawn, no marks should be deducted.

f) Other standard methods of drawing / proportions for features like nuts, heads of bolts, screws etc. employed by examinees, may also be accepted.

g) The answers/ solutions must be evaluated adhering to marking scheme and no marks should be deducted without mistake.

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Courtesy: CBSE