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CBSE Class-12 Exam 2018 : Marking Scheme, Mass Media Studies

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Class 12 papers

CBSE Class-12 Exam 2018 : Marking Scheme

Question Paper, Mass Media Studies

CBSE Class-12 Exam 2018 : Mass Media Studies

Mass Media Studies (072)


1. Keeping in mind the best interest of the child, a revised Marking Scheme has been prepared.

2. The revised Marking Scheme provides more opportunities to the students. At the same time, it lessens the scope of subjective marking and provides flexibility to the examiner to mark the answer.

3. The new Answer Key has been used for correction of the sample answer scripts by the Expert Group.

4. The Marking Scheme facilitates positive marking for a good answer but does not encourage negative marking in any case.

5. Thes Expert Group is in consensus with the above objectives.

Marking scheme

1. Still Image- Component of multimedia/Frozen Frame (Image)/ Stagnant/ Photographic image/Painting/ Drawing. {Any one}

2. HBO, ESPN, FOX, Universal, Nickelodeon {Any two}

3. Convergence- Coming together/Assimilation/ joining/ merging/ coinciding/ uniting/ accommodation. For ex- Internet and cinema combination {Any one}

4. Research and Development and Unique Selling Point

5. First Layer/Sending Layer/( Commercial, govt and Individual) {Any one}

Second Layer/ Middle Layer/ Cloud/Airtel, Google, Yahoo {Any one}

Third Layer/ Last Layer/ Receiving/Last Mile/ Edges {Any one}

6. Newsreel- Spots reports/ Extrfact from speeches/ Comments/ interviews/ 15 min duration/ Complex/ Expensive/ Requires skilled Tape-editing, Well Written Link Narration/ Spoken Word Programme{Any one}

7. Open Source- Wikipedia/ Source Code is open and editable/ Apple/ Voluntary/ Cultural Term/ Software Engineers contribute {Any one}

8. Reuters/ AFP/ AP/ DPAs {Any two}

9. Hardware device – used in creating a multimedia project. Example – CPU, Monitor, video grabbing card, sound card, CD Rom drive, touchscreen, mouse, scanner, printer. {Any two}

10. Para-dubbing, subtitles, holding international film festivals, spread of cross cultural exchange, from black & white to colour, silent to sound. Prominent filmmakers – Akira Kurosawa, Satyajit Ray, Ingmar Bergman. {Any three}

11. Telegraph, cheap postal service, fast transport system, spread of news agencies, all these attracted advertising support. {Any three}

12. Walter Lipmann – wrote a book ‘Public Opinion’ in 1922. He was an American intellectual, he said that for a successful running of democracy, the average man (Voter) be well informed. Mass media did not exist at that time and radio was in its infancy. Information was a privilege denied to masses. {Any three}

13. New product Campaign – aggressive pitch, aimed at catching attention, creates a buzz. Existing product – less aggressive pitch, seeks to renew the already established bond in a familiar way. {Any three}

14. External services of AIR – purpose – to project Indian point of view on the world affairs, to acquaint overseas listeners with developments in India, to promote Indian culture. It started 1939, first broadcast was done in ‘PUSTHU’. Broadcast was done in 155 countries in 25 different languages. ‘Verghese Committee’ report on external service of AIR pointed out – ill planned service, poor transmission, wasteful resource, unhappy staff, dissatisfied listeners.

15. Jerome Bruner – ‘THE NARRATIVE CONSTRUCTION OF REALITY’ Time, particularity, characters wit qualities, story, canoncity & breach, referentiality, genericness, normativeness, context sensitivity, negociatiability, narrative accrual. {Any four}

16. CLT – Central location test. Prototypes are shown to target audience or groups. Feedback is taken and analyzed objectively. Accordingly final approach is decided.

17. Script/ structure & features of soap opera – plots and sub-plots, parallel tracks, long running episodic work of fiction, large number of characters, open narrative/ mid course correction. {Any four

18. Cross promotion – it is marketing tactic wherein two or more businesses come together to share cost which saves money, broadens client base which brings in synergy, positive image building for both the companies, reachability, attaractive.

19. Convergence of media/ digital convergence – ICE AGE – information, communication and entertainment, covert ads, celebrity endorsements, games, merchandice, RSS feeds, podcast. {Any two}

20. AD Campaign – SUBJECTIVE ANSWER. The answer should include any of the three following points along with the design/ prototype of the ad. Product name, tagline/ punch-line, target audience, usp, budget, market segmentation and media used.

21. Cinema is a complex narrative. Cinema is a narrative medium, audio-visual medium and a spatio-temporal medium. Like every medium uses some material to realize it self similarly cinema uses actors and depends on their performance etc. cinema is written, recorded, edited, produced, acted, directed and photographed.

22. Keywhole Journalism – also known as sting journalism.

Page 3 journalism – here social lives of celebrities are exposed.

Chequebook journalism – subjects of news stories are bribed to sell their true confessions.

Yellow journalism – is sensational journalism. Staple of this is – private lives of famous people, disasters, crime etc.

Tabloid Television – follows the pattern of selection, treatment and style of tabloid press.

Sensational stories are shown. Eg – India TV etc.

23. Software used in creating multimedia project. Sound- Sound Forge. Still Image- Adobe Photoshop. Text- Adobe Pagemaker. Video- Flash Animation. (Any other)

24. Target Audience- Somebody who has need for the product. A particular group at which a particular ad is aimed at. Market segmentation- Geographic, demographic, Behavioristic and Psychographic

25. Media Ownership-

Control of media by a handful of corporate players.

Dominance of elite ideology/ Political Parties.

Conglomerates and joint stock companies.

Concentration of ownership.

Advertising as prime source of media income.

Journalists reliance on legitimate source.


Media Effect or Audience Theories. {Any three theories}

Hypodermic Needle or Magic Bullet Theory.

Two Step Flow Theory


Uses and Gratification Theory.

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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII