(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (Political Science)

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (Political Science)

TIME: 3 hrs

MM: 100

1. No. NAM is not neutrality because neutrality means staying out of wars whereas NAM countries were involved in wars but at the same time promoted world peace. Neutrality does not aim at ending wars.

2. i. Sovereignty
ii. Territorial independence

3. Partition of India into two nation states i.e, India and Pakistan.

4. 1960’s

5. Yes, it was a woman’s movement because it was spearheaded by women and it focused on issues like dowry, domestic violence etc.

6. SAARC stands for South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (1985).It is a major regional initiative by the South Asian counties to evolve cooperation through multilateral means.

7. i. Jeans culture
ii. Pepsi, McDonald’s.

8. i. International organizations are helpful in finding peaceful solutions of a dispute between countries
ii. They are helpful in tackling issues like disease, global warming etc. for which everyone needs to work together.

9. i. Military conflict with neighbouring countries .
ii. Internal military conflicts for e.g . Separatist movements

10. i. coming together of all the opposition parties at one platform to defeat Indira Gandhi.
ii. excesses committed by the government during emergency, the non-democratic character of its rule.

11. As a part of its ‘Global War On Terror’, US launched ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ in 2001 against all those suspected to be behind 9/11 attack, mainly Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

12. i. Open door policy and economic reforms.
ii. Four modernizations (agriculture, industry, science and technology, military) in 1973 by Zhou Enlai.
iii. Elimination of trade barriers in SEZs.
iv. Ended its political and economic isolation.

13. Environment concern is a very serious issue because of the following facts:
i. cultivable area throughout the world is decreasing and losing in fertility.
ii. water bodies due to pollution
iii. rapid decline in the total amount of ozone in the earth’s stratosphere.
iv. global coastal pollution has increased due to land based activities.

14. i. areas of Muslim majority were not clearly delineated. As a compromise, Pakistan was to have two zones: west and east separated by a long expanse of Indian territory.
ii. opposition to the two-nation theory within Muslim areas e.g. opposition by Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan.
iii. bifurcation of certain areas like Punjab and Bengal difficult, very traumatic.
iv. problem of minorities on both sides; minorities had to leave at short notice, scenes of violence.

15. The defeat of Indian National Congress in the Lok Sabha Elections of 1977.The elections turned into a referendum on the experience of the emergency. The impact was severely felt in north India. This election was out and out contest between the supporters and opponents of emergency. The Janta Party embraced a landslide victory and congress lost in almost every constituency in northern states.

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Disclaimer: This website is not at associated with CBSE, For official website of CBSE visit - www.cbse.nic.in

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