NCERT SWAYAM Portal - Online Courses for Classes XI & XII 2024

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NCERT SWAYAM Portal - Online Courses for Classes XI & XII 2024

Online Course Offered by NCERT on SWAYAM for Class XI and XII in 11 subject areas during 22nd April 2024 till 30th September 2024 

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has been designated as National Coordinator (NC) for the development and dissemination of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for School Education specifically catering to Classes IX to XII. These courses will be accessible through “SWAYAM” (Study Webs of Active - Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) portal and mobile app.

SWAYAM is dedicated to bridging the digital divide, extending educational opportunities to students who have thus far been underserved by the digital revolution, thereby enabling them to participate more fully in the knowledge economy. The courses offered on SWAYAM MOOCs are interactive and meticulously curated by the nation's most esteemed educators, and the best part is that they are available FREE of charge to all learners.

The courses featured on SWAYAM are structured into four distinct quadrants:

Video Lectures: Engaging video presentations that facilitate effective learning.

Specially crafted Reading Material:   These materials can be conveniently downloaded and printed, providing accessibility for offline learning.

Self-Assessment Tools: Students can gauge their understanding through self-assessment tests and quizzes.

Online Discussion Forums: A platform for students to seek clarification from mentors, engage in discussions, and address doubts with their peers, thereby fostering interactive learning.

NCERT is dedicated towards reaching students through these courses, enriching their learning experiences, and ultimately helping them achieve the desired learning outcomes.

We invite you to take advantage of these online courses at FREE of cost, and in doing so, expand your intellectual horizons. 

Accountancy XI Part-I
Biology XI Part-I
Biology XI Part-II
Biology XII Part-I
Business Studies XI Part-I
Business Studies XII Part-I
Chemistry XI Part-I
Chemistry XI Part-II
Chemistry XII Part-I
Economic XI Part-I
Economic XII Part-I
English XII Part-1: Annual Preparatory Programme for Enhancement in Academics and Revision (APPEAR)

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