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(Download) NIOS Practical Papers Of Painting Senior Secondary

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(Download) NIOS Practical Papers Of Painting Senior Secondary

Time: 6 hrs.

Max. Marks: 70

Three practical words:-Marks 20+20+15)

1. Object Drawing                                        20Marks
2. Painting and Composition -                       20Marks
3. Folk Art as Motif -                                   15Marks
Portfolio submission (Home Assignment)-     15Marks

Total: 70Marks

List of Practical works:-

1. Object Drawing

Marks: 20

For exam object drawing by placing the object in front of the student and to let them draw.

For example:-

(i) A pot and glass to be arrange on the table.
(ii) A book placed under the apple to be arrange on the table.
(iii) Chair table and flower vase placed on the table etc.
(Should be done with pencil or water colour)

2. Painting and composition

Marks: 20

Free hand drawing directly from life of Human Figures, Building, Interior of a Room, Bus stop, Market, place, Vehicles, etc. paint on a given topic like e.g. Festival, Fair, Railway Station, Man reading a book or newspaper, playing with your pet, Eating out, Night scene, rainy day, wedding, Gram Panchayat, pollution, Library, Mother&Child etc. using imagination and everyday sketches.

(Water colour or Acrylic colour or colour pencil would be used)

3. Folk Art as Motif

Marks: 20

Use the motif of folk art of your locality or any well known India folk art.
(Example-Madhubani, Worli, Kalamkari, Kalighat, Phar and Alpana/Rangoli etc)
To re arrange a composition in your own style.

(Any colour or black and white are allowed only for folk painting)

Port-folio submission

Marks: 15

Learners need to submit portfolio with minimum Twelve Original Works, and one sketchbook, must include (sketchbook should include sketches from memory, nature and objects- animate and inanimate objects etc.)

Concept of presentation, which includes dating mounting and maintaining the work.

1. For object and Nature Studies paper size-1/2 imperial size or (15”x22”) approximate, with one in line,(ii) one with Tone in pencil and two in colours;
2. Four painting and Compositions paper size-1/4 imperial size or (15”x11”) approximate size, two composition in colours and tow in mix media on any four topics which are already mentioned.
3. Four Regional Folk paintings in any traditional or locally available materials’ (ii) paper size-1/4 imperial size or (15”x11”) approximate.

Sketchbook (i) size 8”/11” or minimum 20 pages of any available paper, (ii) sketches in soft pencil. It should include all the sketches which you have studied so as to make your composition (figurative) and other studies like landscape, animal-birds, huts, flower, plants etc.

Materials to be used: Portfolio whether readymade or self made album from available materials.


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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII