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Painting Competition on Energy Conservation 2017

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Painting Competition on Energy Conservation 2017

The Ministry of Power in association  with  Bureau  of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is undertaking the National Awareness Campaign  2017 to  inculcate in children the habit of  energy conservation and to sensitize them towards the issues of energy conservation. One of the main ctivities of the campaign is a Painting Competition for school students.

 The competition is being held in three stages namely, School, State and National Levels.  Eligibility: Students of 4th, 5th and 6th standard under Group ‘A’ and students of 7th, 8th and 9th standard under Group ‘B’ are eligible to participate in the competition.


1. The schools are requested to organize a Painting Competition of 2 hours duration in the  school for students of 4th, 5th  and 6th  standard under Group ‘A’ and for students  of  7th,  8th   and  9th standard  under  Group  ‘B’  on  any  working  day. Students   can   select   any  one   of  the following   topics   for   the   Painting Competition: 

Group ‘A’                                                     Group ‘B’

  • घर हो या दफतर, ऊर्जा बचत है बेहतर *    Ø  Switch off light when outside is bright
  • ऊर्जा बचत के सितारे दोस्त हमारे **        Ø  No excuse for energy misuse
  • Be polite, Turn off the light          Ø  Energy Saving Mission, make a passion

* Home or Office, saving energy is better.  
** Get Friendly with Energy Saving Star

2. After the completion of painting competition, School Principal may select two best paintings  along with information on the total number of participants, percentage participation of students in both the Groups i.e. ‘A’ and ‘B’ (as applicable) and send them to the address of the Nodal Officer of their respective State/UT by 6tOctober,  2017.  The  back  page  of  the  paintings  should  carry  the following information:

Name of the student

Father’s/Mother’s Name


Roll No.

School Name and Postal Address

Govt. School in Rural Area (Write Yes or No)


School Tel. No./Mobile No.

Signature of School Principal

3.  All the participating students will be issued a certificate of participation by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Govt. of India and 1st and 2nd selected will get ‘Certificate of Merit’ which will be signed by the respective school Principals and Director  General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Govt. of India.  Schools  are requested to send  the list of  students  participating  in the painting competition (Group wise) to their State Nodal Officers. The list of state wise Nodal Officers and scheme is available It is also mentioned that those schools which would record 100% participation at the  School  Level  Painting  Competition,  their  names  will  be  included  in  the Painting Competition booklet prepared by Bureau of Energy Efficiency.


1..  The committee of experts will select upto 50 best paintings each for Group ‘A’ and ‘B’  out  of  the  total  number  of  paintings  sent  by  the  respective school Principals of  the  State/UT and  the selected paintings  will  be  displayed  at  a designated place for  State  Level on the spot painting competition of 2 hour duration on 14th  November 2017. The selected students will be paid Rs.2000/- each in cash by the Nodal Officer on the day of their participation at the State Level  Painting Competition. Their travel expenses will also be reimbursed as prescribed in the scheme.

2.  The Committee of Experts /Jury of the two groups of that particular State/UT will select  13  best paintings  for respective Groups separately with preference to students from Govt. Schools of rural areas on the day of competition itself for the following prizes:

S. No.            Prize                                        Group ‘A’                 Group ‘B’

1                     First                                          Rs. 20,000/-              Rs. 20,000/-

2                     Second                                     Rs. 15,000/-              Rs. 15,000/-

3                     Third                                         Rs. 5,000/-                Rs. 5,000/-

4                     Consolation (10 nos.)               Rs. 5,000/-                Rs. 5,000/-


1.  The first, second and third prize winners of Group ‘A’ of each State/UT Level Painting  Competition  along  with  their  guardian  will  be  invited  to  Delhi  to participate in the National Level Painting Competition of 2 hours duration on 12th December 2017 and results will be announced on 14th December 2017.

2.  Only  paintings  of  1st,  2nd   and  3rd   prize  winners  of  State  Level  Painting Competition of the Group ‘B’ from each State/UT will be evaluated at Delhi by a Committee of Experts/Jury nominated for their selection for National Level prizes.

3.  Boarding and Lodging, to and fro sleeper class/AC Chair Car/ 3rd AC rail fare or State Roadways bus fare by the shortest route for 108 participants and two guardians  per participant of Group ‘A’ and 12 winners of Group ‘B’ along with  one  guardian  per  participant  will  be  reimbursed.  In  addition,  each participating student will be paid a sum of Rs.2000/- as incidentals and given a participation certificate.

4.  The Selection Committee/Jury will select 23 best paintings/posters for Group ‘A’ for the following prizes:

S. No.       Awards                                       No. of Prizes      Amount (Rs.)

1                First Prize                                     (1 no.)                  1,00,000/-

2                Second Prize                               (4 nos.)                50,000/- each

3                Third Prize                                   (8 nos.)                25,000/- each

4                Consolation Prize                         (10 nos.)              10,000/- each

5                BEE Consolation Prizes              (10 nos.)              10,000/- each

The  selection  Committee/Jury  will  also  select  prize  winning  paintings  for Group   ‘B’  from  the  1st,  2nd    and  3rd    winners  of  State  Level  Painting Competition for the following Prizes:

S. No.         Awards                                       No. of Prizes           Amount (Rs.)

1                 First Prize                                    (1 no.)                      1,00,000/-

2                 Second Prize                              (2 nos.)                     50,000/- each

3                 Third Prize                                   (3 nos.)                     25,000/- each

4                 Consolation Prize                        (6 nos.)                     10,000/- each


The paintings received from the schools located outside India and having affiliation with Indian School Education Boards under Group ‘A’ will also be adjudged for the following by  the Committee of Experts/Jury comprising of renowned personalities from field of Art etc., Ministry of Power and Bureau of Energy Efficiency:

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Courtesy : CBSE 

NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII