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Exam Name :  Telangana Board Exam CLASS-12 Model Question Papers

Subject : History Paper II

Year : 2009-10


IPE Model Question Paper
History – Paper II (w.e.f. 2009-10)
Time: 3 Hours
Max. Marks:100
Section – A
I. Answer any 3 of the following 3 x 10=30
1. What was the achievement of Fredevick II of Preesia?
2. What are the causes and results which led to out break of the American war of Independence?
3. What are the causes of the French Revolution?
4. Why was the great was of 1914-1918 called First World War?
5. Explain the causes of the Second World War
Section – B
II. Answer any eight of the following: 8x 5=40
6. Trace the factors responsible for geographical discoveries
7. What is ‘Renaissance’? What are the cause Renaissance.
8. Explain how Petes Westernized Russia.
9. What do you mean by the Industrial Revolution?
Trace any 3 reason why it originated in England.
10. Give an account of the past played by basic dalti in the unification of Italy.
11. Describe the policy of Blood & Iron.
12. Trace the cause of Bolshevik Revolution in Russian.
13. Review the career and reforms of Kenal Pasha.
14. Discuss the causes and effects of the opinion
15. Give an account of the career and achievement of Mussolini.
16. Write about the development of science & Technology in modern world.
17. In the map provided to you mark the following places. Thirteen colonies in America
1. Georgia 2. Virginia 3. Mary land 4. Nao Hampshire 5. New York
Identify the following places in Italy’s Unification:
1. Sicily 2. Naples 3. Sardinia 4. Corsica 5. Rome
III. Answer any fifteen of the following: 15 x 2=30
18. Vascodogama
19. Fall of Constantinople.
20. Leonardo – da vinci
21. Printing Press
22. Divine Comedy
23. Reformation
24. Nation States
25. Seven year war
26. Charles IV of Spain
27. Socialism
28. The Stamp Act
29. Boston tea part
30. Coupd’et D 19th Brainier
31. Napoleon
32. Mazzini & young Italy
33. Attack on Pearl Harbour
34. Bhopal Gas Tragedy
35. Computer
36.Alfred Noble
37. Aryabhatta

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