CBSE : Universal Postal Union (UPU) - International Letter Writing Competition

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CBSE : Universal Postal Union (UPU) - International Letter Writing Competition

The Department of Posts is organizing Universal Postal Union (UPU) 2023 - International Letter Writing Competition for young people. The purpose of this competition is primarily to develop faculty in composition and subtlety of thought amongst the young people and to contribute to the strengthening of international friendship. 

International Bureau (IB) of UPU, which is coordinating this competition, shall select the three prize winners amongst the best entries received from each member country of the UPU. The three winners will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals by the UPU along with a certificate, as well as other prizes to commemorate their win. The gold medalist may also be offered a trip to UPU headquarters in Berne, Switzerland, or an alternative prize to be decided at the sole discretion of UPU. 

The Department of Posts shall select best three entries at National level as well as Circle level and will be given cash prizes and certificates. The best entry at the National level shall qualify as the official Indian entry for the UPU level international competition. The language to be used will be English or any of the recognized languages embodied in the 8th Schedule of our Constitution. Details of competition and rules of participation are given in annexure I and II. The participation in this competition is voluntary.

In view of above, you are requested to organize this competition in your school for interested students in consultation with the Nodal Officers of their respective circles/ regions as was done in 2022. The updated list of nodal officers and all other detailed information is available at 

1. General details:

1. Subject ''lmagine yolr are a super hero and your mission is to make all roads around the world safer for children. Write a letter to someone explaining which super powers you would need to achieve vour mission."
2. Participants eligibiIity lt is open to parlicipants upto the age of 15 years
3. Content and form  Composition must be presented in the form of Letter'
4. Date/Time of  Competition Competition at Venue - Will be decided by the Concerned  Circles in such a way that the best three entries reach the Directorate by 06.04.2023.
5. Language English or any language listed in the 8th schedule of the Constitution of India.

2. Prizes (at Circle level)

a. First Prize: Rs.25.000/- and a certificate
b. Second Prize: Rs.10.000/- and a certificate
c. Third Prize: Rs. 5,000/- and a certificate

3. Prizes (at National level):

First Prize: Rs. 50,000/- and a Certificate.
Second Prize: Rs. 25,000/- and a Certificate.
Third Prize: Rs. 10,000/- and a Certificate.

4, The best entry at the International the national level shall qualify as the official Indian entry for level Competition

The Universal postal Union shall select the award-winning entries. The winners will receive a special medal (gold for Rrst prir", silver for second, and b'on'" for third) and a certificate, as well as other prizes to comrnernorate their win (such other prizes to be decided by the UpU). The gold medalist may also be offered a trip to the UPU headquarters in Bern' Switzerland, or an alternative prize to be Jecided at the iole discretion of the UPU' Writers awarded a special *.ntio" wiil also receive a ceftificate as well as other prizes (such other prizes to be docided bY the UPU)' 

5. It mav be ensured that each.and even' entrY has the following details on its first fr-slli-Eitinerai (both Enetish and Hindi):

i. Candidate's Passport size photograph'
ii. Candidate's name.
iii. Date of Birth.
iv. Sex (Male/Female)'
v. Father's/Guardian'sname'
vi. Name of the School/lnstiturtion and full address'
vii. Full Postal address'

For further detairs, prease contact the chief postmaster General/postmaster General Director postal Services/l.,lodal officer of your circle/Region. Information will be available

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