(Assignment) Social Science Assignments (All Possible Questions) Class X Board (Geography)

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Social Science Assignments (All possible questions)
Class X Board



76. What is resource? What are its different types on the basis of origin?
77. Differentiate between Renewable and Non-Renewable resource?
78. Differentiate between the types of resource on the basis of exhaustibility?
79. What are the different types of resources on the basis of ownership? Define them.
80. Define territorial water and Exclusive Economic zone?
81. How are the resources classified on the basis of status of development?
82. What is sustainable development? Why it is necessary?
83. Give three examples to prove that resources are unevenly distributed in India.
84. What are the stages of resource planning?
85. “Mere availability of resources in the absence of corresponding changes in technology and institutions may hinder development” Explain with examples.
86. Why we should conserve resources? What is Gandhi’s view regarding resources?
87. Why is land necessary? How are different relief features of India are Independent?
88. Define net sown Area, Gross sown area and follow land. Write one positive and one negative aspect of land use pattern of the country.
89. Why 33% of the land should be under forest? Why forest should be conserved?
90. What is land degradation? What are its causes? Which is the biggest cause of land degradation?
91. Write effective means of preventing land degradations(land conservation) in different land farms.
92. What is soil? How is soil formed?
93. Which is the most dominant soil of India? Write its two features.
94. Differentiate between Bangar and Khaddar?
95. Write three features of black soil? Four states in which this soil is found?
96. How is laterite soil formed? How it can be made cultivable? For which crop it is most suitable?
97. Write some features of Arid Soils?
98. What are gullies & bad lands? Which river make ravines? How soil can be conserved?
99. How is water a renewable resource?


100. When three fourth of earth is covered with water, how is water scarce?
101. What is meant by water scarcity? What are its causes?
102. What is meant by qualitative scarcity of water?
103. What are hydraulic structure? Give two example?
104. What are Dams(MPRVP)? Why Jawahar lal Nehru called Dams temples of India?
105. How are Dams more a bane than a boon?
106. What are the ill effects of over irrigation?
107. What is rain water harvesting? Explain four traditional techniques of rain water harvesting?
108. Why the system of “Tankas” has declined in Rajasthan? Why some people still practice it?
109. Why is Gendathur famous? Which state has made rain water-harvesting compulsory?
110. Bamboo-drip-irrigation is famous in which state/ states?
111. Why is agriculture mainstay of Indian economy
112. What is meant by ethnic group? Write the ethnic composition of Belgium and Sri-Lanka?
113. What is meant by majoritarianism? Which majoritarian measures have been taken in Sri-Lanka and with what results?
114. What accommodation has been taken in Belgium for power sharing?
115. Explain one prudential and one moral reason for power sharing (with examples from India)?


116. Write two negative aspects of “Slash And Burn” Agriculture.
117. Write important features of primitive subsistence farming?
118. Write two states where intensive subsistence farming is done.
119. How has plantation interface of agriculture and industry?
120. What are different agricultural seasons? Write two major crop of each?
121. What are the soil and climatic condition of rice?
122. Which is the major crop of northern India? Write its soil and climatic condition?
123. Which states are the largest producer of Jowar , Bajra and Rice?
124. Why is the popularity of maize increasing?
125. Why are pulses important? Mention four varieties of pulses and two leading producer?
126. Write four uses of oilseeds. Which is the most dominant oilseed of India . Which two states are its largest producers? Which oilseed is cultivated as Kharif in North and Rabi in South and which oilseed is cultivated as both.
127. Why is tea mostly cultivated on hill slopes of North-Eastern India?
128. What technological and Institutional reforms have been taken to improve agriculture?
129. What is Operation Flood?
130. What was the concept of “Bhoodan”? Why is Agriculture called mainstay of India?
131. Why is the decliniling trend of contribution of agriculture is a matter of concern?What efforts have been taken to modernize agriculture?


132. What is mineral? How many minerals have been identified?
133. Why are minerals in different colours and form?
134. What are ores ? On which condition extraction of mineral depends?
135. In which forms mineral are found? Write two minerals of each form?
136. What are the difference types of iron ore? Write two importance of each. Write two mines of each important iron-ore belt.
137. What are the uses of manganese? Which state is the largest producer of manganese?
138. What are the uses of copper? Which mine is the biggest mine of copper?
139. What is bauxite? How it is formed? Why aluminum is used as a substitute of iron? Which state is the largest producer? Write its two mines.
140. What are the uses of mica?
141. What are the uses of Limestone?
142. Why minerals should be conserved?
143. Differentiate between conventional and non- conventional sources of energy?
144. Why is the coal called the black gold? Explain coal under following heads- (A)Types (B) Uses (C) Occurrence (D) Mines
145. Explain Petroleum and Natural gas under following heads- (a)merit (b)use (c) production centers (d) pipelines.
146. Differentiate between Hydro-electricity and Thermal-electricity.
147. Write three sources of Nuclear energy.
148. Why is the Solar energy becoming popular.
149. What is the importance of Bio-Gas.
150. Which two places are known for the use of wind power.
151. Why and how energy could be conserved.


152. What is manufacturing? Why it is important?
153. What is the importance of industry? How industry and agriculture are inter-dependent?
154. What is the contribution of industry to national economy? Is it satisfactory? If not, what is the prospect?
155. Explain the concept of agglomeration economies?
156. What are the different types of industries on the basis of ownership?
157. Give two examples each of agro based, mineral based, basics and consumer industries?
158. Why is textile industry important? Why it was concentrated in Gujarat and Maharashtra?
159. What is the main problems of textile industry? Why is the loomage in mills lower?
160. Why is jute industry mainly confined to Hoogly river?
161. What are the main problem of jute industry? What prospect of this industry is in future?
162. Why the sugar industry is rural industry? What problem does it face?
163. Why is sugar industry is shifting towards southern states like Maharashtra?
164. Why is iron and steel industry important? Mention main mineral of steel and its ratio?
165. Why is iron and steel industry located in peninsular India? What are the problems faced by this industry? Which factor has given boost to this industry?
166. Differentiate between Mani-steel plant and integrated steel plant?
167. Explain the flow chart of aluminium smelting?
168. Which is third largest industry in Asia? Why it is well spread in India?
169. Which fertilizer India has to Import and which fertilizer is produced in abundance?
170. What are the raw materials of cement industry? Write its development? Why this industry is mainly located in Gujarat?
171. Write the significance of electronic industry?
172. How do industries cause pollution? What measures could control industrial pollution?


173. Mention two tidal ports, two ports with natural harbour, one land locked port and iron or exporting ports.
174. What is the significance of air transport? Why it is imperative for north-eastern part of the country?
175. What is the difference between Air India and Indian Airlines.
176. What is the significance of Pawanhans helicopter service.
177. What is communication? Differentiate with examples between personal and mass communication.
178. Differentiate between first class male and second class male.
179. What measures have been taken by the postal department for fast communication of letters.
180. How is foreign trade important? Write four items of import and export.
181. In what ways roadways have an edge over railways?
182. What is the objective of super highways? Name them?
183. Which authorities construct and maintained national and state highways?
184. What is the objective of P.M.G.S.Y?
185. Find out places linked by NH-1, NH-2, NH-3 and NH-7.
186. What is significance of border roads?
187. What are the problem faced by roadways?
188. Why is railway a very important means of transport?
189. Which factors govern the distribution of railways? Mention areas with dense and sparse railway network with reasons?
190. Which were the two problems of Konkan railways?
191. What are the problems of railways?
192. What is the importance of pipe lines? Give two examples?
193. Why is water way important? Mention NW-1, NW-2, NW-3

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